Big News (Photo being published)

So I usually don’t put things out there to celebrate myself, but I had to do it this time. I have a photo being published in a magazine called ‘The Four Seasons.’

This is the first time a photo of mine will be published and I’m almost giddy. I was shaking when I got the news. This is what photographers shoot for, may not be a huge publication but it is a start.

This is the photo:

Podcast Suggestion (Jackes on the Job)

As you know I do like to put down thoughts every once in a while, but today I wanted to share a thought on a particular podcast that I just recently listened to called ‘Jackes on the Job’. It is a podcast that really focus’s on real things in people’s lives. I just listened to one on marriage and grieving loss. Both of these were very entertaining as well as informative.

Chris Jacke is a former NFL Player with the Green Bay Packers and Terri Jacke is the Founder and President of the Inspired Training Institute. Terri also has a great book out called ‘Is this a Lousy Job or is it Just Me….great read by the way.

I don’t typically do things like this but it is a great podcast and worth a listen.

Standing Above

A photo from a trip to Hawaii

Standing Above

Climb so high to get a better view

To see the ocean so blue

Looking down to the city below

Building climbing into the sky in neat row

The beaches can be seen from way up here

Like little sand boxes; sand so clear

Mountains they rise so green and plush

Inside you feel a little rush

This view up here so much can be seen

Some from now and what has been

Standing above you feel so free

All the world you feel you can see

The River

A photo I took along the river

The River

Water flowing along

So beautiful and strong

Waves form as it flows

As the swells they grow

Moving water it can hypnotize

As the water does fall and rise

The river it rumbles along

One of nature’s little songs

So I sit along the waterside

And enjoy this little rumbling ride

The Tracks

A photo I took today…the tracks

The Tracks

Wander down a path to explore

One I’ve never been down before

Find these tracks where a train might travel

Hauling goods from here and there

These tracks they’ve seen a lot of ware

Made from rails of iron and ties of wood

Laid down with precision to Cary a load

With an engine, a car and a caboose

Tied together so they wouldn’t come loose

These tracks they are laid all along this land

To carry the train that is grand

So these tracks as you can see

Carry the trains with all the goods for you and me


This is just a little something that popped into my head this morning…take it with you and find peace within yourself…have a great weekend.


This time is for you

Forever be true

Love yourself completely

Find peace and serenity

With you is where it begins

Writing-A thought

Well, I was thinking last night as I was in the shower how words just seem to float around in my head…literally I’m reciting lines in my head for another poem or possibly a song; and that is the worst place to have that happen because nothing to write them down on…I know my phone is waterproof, but…

I came to realize I have had this my whole life. I was always like this, it only took almost 50 years to realize it, I said almost 50…lol. I have loved writing poetry and stories since I was young but never really acted on it or had anyone that really pushed me or gave me inspiration to build on those skills, but now I have me to do that; and sometimes just yourself is enough to inspire to do things.

I now realize what I really wanted to do and enjoy…WRITING. I don’t know if anyone else has had it happen to them later in life or experienced the sensation of words just being in your head and putting them together all the time, but I have found this to be one of the greatest things to happen to me…besides finding my beautiful wife which will always be my greatest find.

So, let me know…Do you have the same thing happen to you with words? I would love to know because they are constantly just floating around in my head.


Words swirling through my head

All them need to be said

Mind it wanders here and there

These words seem to be everywhere

Put them down as they come inside

No where can they hide

Always there I can almost see

These words they set me free

Never let them rest or stay where they are

They never seem very far

Pull them out and get them down

Or these words will make me drown

So put them out for the world to see

Let these words let me be