Writing Thought

Writing is like therapy, at least that is how I view it. I am able to get all these things that are swirling around in my brain out and spew them onto a page and feel like my head is cleared for a little bit. Sometimes it takes time to get them out like I want to but there they are.

I started doing writing prompts today; it was fun to have an idea, provided by someone else, to get started. I decided to write it like a scene, my first attempt at writing like that; and I think it is ok for first time attempt. Most of my thoughts are random and poems written on the fly about how I’m feeling in the moment; and this gave me a little more focused way to write.

As I get older I realize that writing is a great way to exercise your brain and really gives me the opportunity to do something I always enjoyed, but never took really serious…that’s not true…lol. I have had other pages before but never seemed really dedicated to the writing process…things have changed; and I look forward to sharing more of my writing in the future here and other places around the World Wide Web.

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