While I have only really been serious about blogging for about 2 weeks now; I have found it very liberating. I was never truly serious about sharing my writing with anyone before but now I can’t imagine not just writing and writing to just get all these words out of my head. I would call this a true revelation.

I know most of my writing is very simple, but I have always had words in my head that would roll around; and now I truly have the will and the desire to get them out. I hope in the near future I can start working on a book or something a little bigger but I will be taking things in baby steps.

So today I have been thinking of other things to add to my site and maybe the blog posts and I think I may have come up with an idea. My beautiful wife Stacey has been one of the greatest inspirations for my writing and May have a day just dedicated to her…this might become Stacey Saturday…we will see.

Remember to look for ‘Only photo Monday’….first one is this Monday.

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