Just a Thought (Meditation)

As anyone who follows me or has checked out my blog knows every once in a while I just have a thought; and today is one of those days.

I have dabbled with meditation in the past and it has always been a very calming and soothing for me. It has helped with stressful things and helped me stay focused on the now without getting distracted by outside forces. So in other words, I have found it a very useful practice. Unfortunately I had gotten out of the practice and find my mind wandering and my mood becoming very unbalanced, so today I have decided to dedicate myself to the practice using a couple of different apps out there…Calm and Inscape.

I will be using a guided meditation in the morning before work and after I complete a day of work with longer sessions and a mid day session that will just be a short session that is unguided. I am planning to make this a daily routine along with exercise. So you could say I’m looking for a new healthier me mind and body.

I hope to share my experiences with everyone and look forward to people letting me know their experiences with meditation and if it has helped. Have a great day and enjoy the world around you!

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