A day of Meditation

Today was a day for me…I have been dealing with a lot stress lately with work and life in general. You know how things can really start to get to you, well they finally reached that point and had to use a day for just me. It was amazing and so relaxing, this will definitely become a part of my life from now on.

My day started off where I knew I needed a day away so I called in and told them I needed a day off for some personal things, nothing more personal than taking care of yourself. I decided that I would meditate for approximately 10 minutes on each hour and in between do something that I really enjoyed…that included playing the guitar, doing some writing in both my journal and here with poetry and thoughts and doing a little photography work.

I can’t believe how stress free I am now and how healthy I feel. My mind feels clear and I have not felt this good about myself in a long time. Everything was about me and nothing else…taking care of ones self is one of the most important things you can do. Not just body but mind…giving a day to yourself just to be with your thoughts is even more therapeutic then a massage or a spa day…so give yourself a day and just be.

This experience has given me even more appreciation for meditation and what it can do for the mind and spirit.

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