Writing-A thought

Well, I was thinking last night as I was in the shower how words just seem to float around in my head…literally I’m reciting lines in my head for another poem or possibly a song; and that is the worst place to have that happen because nothing to write them down on…I know my phone is waterproof, but…

I came to realize I have had this my whole life. I was always like this, it only took almost 50 years to realize it, I said almost 50…lol. I have loved writing poetry and stories since I was young but never really acted on it or had anyone that really pushed me or gave me inspiration to build on those skills, but now I have me to do that; and sometimes just yourself is enough to inspire to do things.

I now realize what I really wanted to do and enjoy…WRITING. I don’t know if anyone else has had it happen to them later in life or experienced the sensation of words just being in your head and putting them together all the time, but I have found this to be one of the greatest things to happen to me…besides finding my beautiful wife which will always be my greatest find.

So, let me know…Do you have the same thing happen to you with words? I would love to know because they are constantly just floating around in my head.

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