Little Bridge

The little bridge I took photo of near Waupaca Wisconsin

Little Red Bridge

Little red bridge crossing the small stream

You seem like a long ago dream

From yesterday’s gone by

Cant resist to cross no matter how hard I try

Built of wood sturdy and strong

To cross this can’t be wrong

Slipping into the past as I pass on through

Yes I was right you are steady and true

Little Red bridge crossing the stream

Made me see the past like a dream

Simple Beauty

Photo from a small trip…being a little creative

Simple Beauty

On display a single flower

Showing all its beauty and power

Not a bouquet as you can see

A single flower does not need a plethora to shine through

The same can be said for me and you

No need for more things to surround

For more beauty to be found

The beauty is something we all hold

Just need to find others that can behold

Beauty is simple as you can see

It’s all inside you and me

A day of Meditation

Today was a day for me…I have been dealing with a lot stress lately with work and life in general. You know how things can really start to get to you, well they finally reached that point and had to use a day for just me. It was amazing and so relaxing, this will definitely become a part of my life from now on.

My day started off where I knew I needed a day away so I called in and told them I needed a day off for some personal things, nothing more personal than taking care of yourself. I decided that I would meditate for approximately 10 minutes on each hour and in between do something that I really enjoyed…that included playing the guitar, doing some writing in both my journal and here with poetry and thoughts and doing a little photography work.

I can’t believe how stress free I am now and how healthy I feel. My mind feels clear and I have not felt this good about myself in a long time. Everything was about me and nothing else…taking care of ones self is one of the most important things you can do. Not just body but mind…giving a day to yourself just to be with your thoughts is even more therapeutic then a massage or a spa day…so give yourself a day and just be.

This experience has given me even more appreciation for meditation and what it can do for the mind and spirit.

All My Heart (For my beautiful wife)

You, you are the reason all this love in my heart

It was you I knew from the very start

The one I wanted to share my life forever and ever

And face all of life’s endeavors

Give me hope each and every day

This gift I will always try to repay

Hold my hand and show me you care

You my love no one has compared

Show me love with every touch

Give my heart a little rush

Each kiss upon your gentle lips

The sweetest wine I will ever sip

Make me smile when I need it most

You my love I always boast

For you are the one my life I share

With all my heart I love and care


My family


Family is the greatest thing you see

The luckiest man I must be

My family feeds my soul with love and affection

And gives my life purpose and direction

My wife which I love and adore

Gives me love I’ve never felt before

The puppies they loves with kisses and tails waging

On these two pups I am always bragging

Our cat cuddles like none I’ve ever seen

Just wants to be where you are

A son that has such a big heart

I knew I would love him right from the start

My family you see is the most important thing in my life

Bring me joy and happiness I feel every day

Makes my heart full with love that no monet can pay

So I treasure my family as you can see

Thankful for them each and every day

Just a Thought (Meditation)

As anyone who follows me or has checked out my blog knows every once in a while I just have a thought; and today is one of those days.

I have dabbled with meditation in the past and it has always been a very calming and soothing for me. It has helped with stressful things and helped me stay focused on the now without getting distracted by outside forces. So in other words, I have found it a very useful practice. Unfortunately I had gotten out of the practice and find my mind wandering and my mood becoming very unbalanced, so today I have decided to dedicate myself to the practice using a couple of different apps out there…Calm and Inscape.

I will be using a guided meditation in the morning before work and after I complete a day of work with longer sessions and a mid day session that will just be a short session that is unguided. I am planning to make this a daily routine along with exercise. So you could say I’m looking for a new healthier me mind and body.

I hope to share my experiences with everyone and look forward to people letting me know their experiences with meditation and if it has helped. Have a great day and enjoy the world around you!


While I have only really been serious about blogging for about 2 weeks now; I have found it very liberating. I was never truly serious about sharing my writing with anyone before but now I can’t imagine not just writing and writing to just get all these words out of my head. I would call this a true revelation.

I know most of my writing is very simple, but I have always had words in my head that would roll around; and now I truly have the will and the desire to get them out. I hope in the near future I can start working on a book or something a little bigger but I will be taking things in baby steps.

So today I have been thinking of other things to add to my site and maybe the blog posts and I think I may have come up with an idea. My beautiful wife Stacey has been one of the greatest inspirations for my writing and May have a day just dedicated to her…this might become Stacey Saturday…we will see.

Remember to look for ‘Only photo Monday’….first one is this Monday.

Creepy Site

A photo I took in the swamp in black and white.

Creepy Site

Oh the trees they cast a reflection upon the water still

Creates a mirror image upon the marsh below

The site is one to behold with camera in hand

To see this untouched land

The shadows and all creates a creepy site

But still the feeling is just right

Black and white hides the green moss

Seems to help create a creepy site

With all the color hidden away

Taken on a different view

This is what I love to do

Look at this marsh with different eyes

Way to see something so beautiful in a different way

To give a view in a different light

Make this marsh a creepy site

Setting Sun

Photo I took last November

Sun Setting

The day it comes to an end

Say goodbye to the sun my friend

Beautiful day it was for sure

So I say goodnight for now

Watching you fade away

For tomorrow is another day

So I snap a shot to remember

This setting sun in November