Standing Strong

A photo I took in my town

Standing Strong

Old Clock tower standing strong

Middle of town is where you belong

Built of mortar and stone

You are better than any phone

Show us the time during the day

When it is time to work or play

Chiming out when the hour has struck

Please old clock do not get stuck

Tall amongst all the buildings around

You give out that mighty sound

Old clock tower standing strong

You my friend are where you belong


Photo of a puddle I took


Reflection from below I see

A tree winding branches and sky above

This simple things I do love

A wonderful site to behold its true

This little things that nature will do

Showing us what we would not see

In reflections of the tee to me

Blurred Vision

Blurred Vision

Blurry I can not see

What is right in front of me

Light comes through though not well defined

I must imagine in my mind

Though sometimes things are so clear

It does not mean we must always fear

The things are blurry maybe for now

But soon they will be clear when we see how

To look beyond the blurry we see

The beauty that is in front of me

Blurry vision doesn’t always mean

We can’t see what needs to be seen

Breaking News!!

Breaking News!!! See how I grabbed your attention? LOL!!

I’ve decided to start featuring something new on my blog; a day designated specifically for my photos. As you know I like to use my photos for inspiration, but in reality it is one of my other passions and want to give it one day where feature them; because as you know a picture is worth a thousand words.

The new day will be called ‘Only photos Monday’. It will start on the 22nd of March and should be a lot of fun. Hopefully maybe some of my photos can inspire some of those other poets out there.

Can’t wait to share!

Fresh Fallen Snow

Snowy morning

Fresh Fallen Snow

Tracks in the fresh fallen snow where do you go

This way and that; back and forth round and round

When you walk you don’t make a sound

All of these tracks in the new fallen snow

I can see it is the puppies that made all these tracks

Chasing and running around to play

But in the fenced yard they must stay

Playing together and having fun

All with no sun in the fresh fallen snow

Inspiration and Where it Comes From

As you can see from my posts a lot of my inspiration to write comes from the photos I take, but one of the most amazing places I get inspiration from is my beautiful wife. The love and feelings I have for her run deeper than any valley or body of water on this planet. That’s one of the greatest things that I love about poetry it gives me a just another way to show how much I love her. So, plan on seeing plenty of that…most poems I share just with her, but every once in a while I will put up a recent poem I have written just for her…the love of my life.

So Bright

Love poem to my wife

So Bright

 A beauty that shines so bright

Like the morning dew at first light

You warm my heart every day

With all the little things you do and say

Make feel so lucky I know

My love for you will ever grow

The rest of my life you will be

The only one for me you see

To grow old together hand in hand

Always together we will stand

You have my heart you my love

For you me sweet no one is above 


Sign I just found


They come in many forms

Plastered along the highway

Along a street to stop or go

Sometimes telling us what to buy

Or sometimes a food to try

Some are deeper than others

Some not physical at all

Whether we listen to them or not

That is our choice to make

So read those signs wisely

Take them as they come

You never know where they are from

Eyes to See

Photo I took and edited for the mood

Eyes to See

Is this a dream or reality

Scary skies yellow with poisons

Water brown with pollution

Breathing and drinking this in to our bodies

Trees tangled in a mess

Showing all of our distress

Reaching and wanting better for ourselves

Clean air to breathe

Clean water to drink

This image makes you really think

Is this how it could be

If we don’t open our eyes to see