Writing Thought

Writing is like therapy, at least that is how I view it. I am able to get all these things that are swirling around in my brain out and spew them onto a page and feel like my head is cleared for a little bit. Sometimes it takes time to get them out like I want to but there they are.

I started doing writing prompts today; it was fun to have an idea, provided by someone else, to get started. I decided to write it like a scene, my first attempt at writing like that; and I think it is ok for first time attempt. Most of my thoughts are random and poems written on the fly about how I’m feeling in the moment; and this gave me a little more focused way to write.

As I get older I realize that writing is a great way to exercise your brain and really gives me the opportunity to do something I always enjoyed, but never took really serious…that’s not true…lol. I have had other pages before but never seemed really dedicated to the writing process…things have changed; and I look forward to sharing more of my writing in the future here and other places around the World Wide Web.


Keep writing and putting those thoughts down

If you don’t they will make you drown

Mind overflows with thoughts seeping from inside

Keep them contained; I’ve tried

Put them out for the world to see

What people think is what will be

Can’t control how I am perceived

Or how my thoughts are received

Say you like it or say you don’t

Either way I still put them down

So my thoughts they do not drown


Hoping, waiting, wanting, needing

This feeling that never seems to reach me

To be at peace with myself mind and soul

Being free of worry of the things I can’t control

They come at me like rocks flying through space

Hitting my mind making it spin; it takes its toll


First post

I wanted to share a little about myself in this first post. I’m a guy that just loves writing down his thoughts and sharing myself with the world. I find writing to be a very therapeutic and helps me deal with the world around me. I am married to a very beautiful woman and have a great step son, both I love with all my heart and would do anything for. I recently retired from one career and and working on my second one…very challenging to change to say the least when you are 49 years old.

My posts will not follow any set pattern and could range from just the mundane thoughts to the deepest poetry I can pull from my inner being.

So begins the journey…