This is from a deep place I was a few years ago


Down and out

Escape, there doesn’t seem to be any

Problems seem multiplied

Roaming mind up and down

Exhausted from these feelings

Seeking help is what needs to be done

Stop and take a deep breath

Inner self seems defeated

Open up to let love in

Now is the time to heal

Something New (About Me Page)

I know that it is pretty strange that I didn’t have an about me page on my blog, but I was a little camera shy at first. But after reading some other blogs I realized it was something I needed to do…even included a picture of me.

I felt it was time to share who I am and not just my words…this is the real me.


This is dedicated to my beautiful wife


Roses laid across the floor

A path laid out with love like never before

Music it plays softly to the ear

With each step you get near

On a bended knee before you

Eyes filled with love so true

Love for eternity

Will you marry me

Eyes fill with tears and love so true

The answer is yes of course I do