Words Down

My mind yells put this down and get it out

I can not ignore what is in my head

Before it would have been pen and paper

Now it is the clicking of keys typing as fast as I can

Word go down without a thought

My mind to the front it has brought

How to get them down for the world to see

What ever I put down it will be

No corrections, no mistakes

I will put it down no matter what it takes

The words you see are coming fast

I know this can’t last

So put them down and let them stay

All these words they must play

Here I go I’m near the end

Putting down the last few words

Get them down with out hesitation

Here it is the finally line

My mind has run out of Rhyme

This was absolutely written with no thought of what I was writing. I just put down pretty much whatever came to my head.

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