Win This Fight

Win This Fight

I see the suffering within your eyes

Struggling inside you feel you can’t share

I fight the urge not to pry

But I must show you that I care

Your struggles are demons within your soul

Can’t release them no matter what you do

Try to survive is your only goal

I reach out my hand to help you along

A shoulder to lean on to ease your pain that you feel

My concern for you is so very real

I’m here for you whenever you need me my friend

This compassion to you I forever send

Any time whether day or night

My friend I will help you win this fight

Rays of Light

Photo by me

Ray of Light

Rays of light they come shining through

When I think of me and you

With all things you do or say

Like the suns little ray

Warms my heart and heals my soul

Makes me feel as one more than whole

Makes me smile though I am down

Pulls me up when I feel I may drown

That ray of light that shines through

Reminds why my dear I love you

In or Out

Photo I took walking through a park

In or Our

Am I looking in or looking out

Is that the question I need to ask

Or what it’s all about

Dark and unknowing outwards can be

Sometimes a lot harder to see

Not knowing what’s coming scary

And make you quite wary

Take that chance can help you grow

And make your spirit glow

Looking in can bring you peace

A feeling that will never cease

To look in or look out

A balance it seems to be about

Another Endeavor (A life long dream)

So I guess I’ve caught the writing bug with the poetry I have been writing, I mean I always had it but now it is spreading and I don’t just want to write short poems but an actual book.

It has always been a dream of mine to be a winter, not that I will probably win any awards or be on the best seller, but create a story that people will want to read and get lost in.

I will be working on the first chapter starting this weekend and post how goes it when the time is right along with the first chapter.

I know this will be something I will have to create time for and dedicate myself to…a life long dream.

Inner Spark

A photo I took on a short hike

Inner Spark

Lost, Lost, Lost with in my mind

Like a forest with no path to follow; no signs to guide

My way I can’t find

Look for the light that is out there show me the way

But how do I find this light

Will it find me when the time is right

Shadows they fall and block my view

Must I move around them; what should I do

Keep searching to see my way

Is there something I must do or say?

Give me a sign and let me know

Please tell me which way I should go

Search in yourself I hear in mind

Then you will know how to find

Find your way out of this dark

In yourself that is the light and spark

Music We’ve Been Given

Music whether playing or listening…Picture is one I took of my guitar

Music We’ve Been Given

Music it fills my heart and soothes my soul

Whether it is country, soul or rock n roll

Takes me to a place I can’t explain

Heals my heart when I am in pain

Helps to make me feel sane

Play it soft or loud on the radio

Whether I’m at home or on the go

Play and feel it on my guitar

That place is never far

Give me the beat and feel the rhythm

I thank god for this music we’ve been given

For Who I live

For Who I Live

Rising with passion deep inside

Your love it takes me on a wild ride

Fast or slow I don’t care

As long as it is with you I share

Kisses and touches they light the fire

keeping my desire even higher

Wanting and needing you with all you give

For you my love is for who I live

Your Kiss

Dedicate to my beautiful wife

Your Kiss

You draw me in with your beautiful eyes

Pull me in close and I can only sigh

Part your lips like petals on a beautiful rose

My passion and love for you it grows

My hearts beats faster; it starts to race

Beating faster at a great pace

My head gets light; light as a feather

You kiss me light at first giving me shivers

Tingling down my spine like the great rivers

My knees get weak and they start to bend

This heaven is where I am sent

Your kiss alone has this affect on me

Your kiss alone sets me free

Passion and yearning I will have for you

This kiss alone lets me know that our love is true



Putting down words is so hard
Bearing your very soul, laying down every card
I type and I type but nothing seems right
I feel as though it is some kind of plight

To put your feelings for all to see
Do they want to see the real me
Not always the bright smile on my face
Sometimes go to a darker place

This place I don’t let everyone in
Only one person truly knows where I’ve been
I’m the only one who really knows deep inside
And only I know I can’t hide

So I put these words down to bear my soul
The feelings sometimes I can’t control
I put these words down for all to see
The one and only real me