Light vs. Dark


Stories within my head

Talking to me as I lay in bed

Dreams of clouds or of flight

In the darkness they fill with light


Stories within my head

Scream to me within my bed

Dreams of screams or fear in sight

In the darkness they fill with fright

Gentle Rain

Gently falling to the ground

No wind or thunder to be found

Watering the vegetation below

To help life forever grow

Sprinkles of rain a peaceful day

Even though the sky is gray

Maybe rainbow will be seen

Red, yellow, blue, purple and green

These quite days of gentle rain

Help to ease the weary brain

Thought for the day

Ahhh…writing for the sake of writing. I have recently found myself in this position and am unsure what to do about it. I have read plenty of blogs from people saying that they only write in their blog when they feel like writing, but I know me; and with my short attention span I will stop writing all together, which is strange because I so enjoy writing here now, hence having numerous blogs in the past.

I’m sure others go through these feelings, I guess I will continue to write when I feel like it and have those days where I publish 3 or 4 things in one day and ones where I don’t post at all. I find it strange how my writing comes in bursts…but I guess that is who I am as a poet.


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Locked away for so many years

Words of love could not be spoke

But then the heart it awoke

Affection and love like a key

Unlocked the passion like never before

Heart on a sleeve is where it is wore

Give freely with no conditions attached

This type of love can not be matched

Four Letter Word

Another poem dedicated to my wife.

Four Letter Word

Love is but a four letter word

But to the heart so much more is heard

Little things you do they bring me delight

Open my heart with great insight

Value my emotions like no one before

Everything you do makes me love you even more

Love though it is only a small four letter word

The deeper the love so much more can be heard.

Just a little thought

Just a Little Thought

As I was sitting here thinking about what to write

I found something interesting that is not right

Spend a lot more of our time at work

Sometimes working for great big jerk

Focus more on our family we should

For our mental health it would do good

Focus less on material things

And what that mighty dollar brings

Family you see is what matters most

Not the champagne that you toast

Look at the world around and you will see

There is so much in this world for you and me



Life it seems is all twists and turns

Taking you this way and that

Sometimes it burns like the hottest fire

Or maybe it burns with the hottest desire

Feeling low as the lowest can be

Or maybe the highest, high and free

Which ever you feel or which way it goes

Your heart is the only one who knows

So keep in mind as you travel through this life

It will be filled with happiness and strife

Take it as it comes and always know

Life is a road we all must go