Clear Night

Clear Night

We are but fragile in this universe of ours

Among the billions and trillions of stars

A galaxy so full of danger abound

Not even all of it has been found

Look at the heavens with eyes to reach out

To find out what it is all about

Track them and trace them that is what is done

Even a danger is our own sun

To stop, to thwart it is what they look to do

To save this planet for me and you

A rock so huge it could wipe us out

They say that is what it is all about

With all of this gloom they say could be

I still look to the heavens and all I see

Heavens above with stars all alight

All of the beauty on a clear night


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Wondering aloud voices they speak

Find the answers; they play hide and seek

Never showing true colors you see

Keep them hidden from you and me

In the dark the places you must look

Not looking to close they can be mistook

The answers may not be so clear

The real answer can cause fear

Never knowing where the answer might be found

Must look all around

Keep a mind open to the world you see

Then the real answers will be found by you and me

On This Day

On This Day

On this day I married you

Always I promise to be true

Give you all my love 

You an angel sent from above

Make you laugh when you are down

Take away that day’s frown

Hold you in my arms so tight

Even in the darkest night

Wipe away any tears

Take away all your fears

I love you more each and every day

So with my heart I do say

Happy anniversary my love 

An angel sent from above

The Journey

Photo I took of a point near Lake Winnebago

The Journey

Tranquility surrounds the path

Seemingly endless trek ahead

Enjoying the journey along the way

Beauty taken in within the day

Take all in there is to see

For the journey is the best is what is said



Darkness it does surround

In this darkness life can be found

Searching for the light

Trying to survive the fight

Kicking and screaming

Is this only dreaming

Wake up oh wake up now

Finding a way out how

Running faster then before

Feet they seem wore

light up ahead can finally be found

Wake up oh wake

Body starts to tremble and shake

To escape this darkness to wake

Sweat pouring out of every pore

Body all over sore

To escape this darkness that surrounds

Walking Bridge

A walking bridge across the lake at Fox Crossings

Walking Bridge

Built of steel and wood

This path across the water is good

Bringing two sides together as one

Shall we walk this bridge to the other side

Maybe take a bike for a ride

Or Skate with wheels upon our feet

And maybe friends we will meet

Whatever way you cross this bridge you see

We will do it together you and me

Rippling Reflection

Reflection in a stream

Rippling Reflection

Distorted image seen or piece of art

The ripples play their part

Reflection in the stream of trees above

Provides the image that can be loved

Natures mirror to provide a view

This it provides for me and you

Ripples do not distort the view for me

Natures beauty is what I see