Word of the Day Monday (Whilom)

This word of the day Monday is really starting to increase my vocabulary…another word I had never heard of, whilom. Whilom- (Adjective, WYE-lum)- Former Here is an example of the word being used: “On the eastern side settlement and agriculture have all but obliterated the whilom tallgrass prairie, so that it is hardly visible to anyone whoContinue reading “Word of the Day Monday (Whilom)”

Writing Prompt Friday (A Walk in the Rain)

A Walk in the Rain Jeff looked outside and saw that it was raining, how he loved the rain. The gentle drops falling from the sky to clean the earth below, the smell and the sound of it gently hitting the roof. One thing he especially loved was taking a nice walk in the rain…heContinue reading “Writing Prompt Friday (A Walk in the Rain)”