Erotic Wednesday (Nothing to Say)

Nothing to say

How beautiful you are walking my way

So much beauty have nothing to say

With sway of of your hips I am pulled in

Thoughts in my mind are of all of sin

Your legs are covered in silk that entrance

No way I can take away my glance

You look at me and can tell the effect

yes oh yes I am erect

Whisper in my ear ‘I know what you like’

And you give your dress a hike

Smooth skin above the lace

My fingers I do trace

Take my hand a lead the way

I follow with nothing to say

©Chris Chonos

Erotic Wednesday (As One)

As One

To hear your moans in my ear

Say my name I plead to you

I feeling as one I do

Connected by love in the most passionate way

Moving as as a single being

These emotions I’m feeling

The pace increase as we near climax

My senses are reeling my head rises up

Pleasure escapes my lips as a primal sound

This pleasure and love with you I have found

Collapse in a bundle in sweat and euphoria

Kiss your sweet lips

Lay your head upon my chest

Hold you close as into sleep I do slip

©Chris Chonos

Love Poem Tuesday (Yours True)

This as always is dedicated to my beautiful wife.

Yours True

Oh how I love you

With each breath

My very being

Forever yours true

Till time does stand still

Mountains crumble away

Seas dry up

Forever I will stay

To this I do decree

Forever you and I will be

Oh how I love you

Forever yours true

©Chris Chonos

Share with Me

Share with Me

To dance among the weary trees

Feel the soft summer breeze

No care in the world

No worry in my mind

What a beautiful place to find

A picture perfect place

Where my imagination would race

Spin and twirl with not a care

Creations the clouds would share

Oh this wonderful scene I see

Please come share it with me

©️Chris Chonos

Word of the Day Monday (Whilom)

This word of the day Monday is really starting to increase my vocabulary…another word I had never heard of, whilom.

Whilom- (Adjective, WYE-lum)- Former

Here is an example of the word being used:

“On the eastern side settlement and agriculture have all but obliterated the whilom tallgrass prairie, so that it is hardly visible to anyone who would not seek it out on hands and knees….” — William Least Heat-Moon, PrairyErth, 1991

Lost Friend

Oh my whilom friend

I thought we would be till the end

Turning your back and walked away

No words did you say

I lost you and I don’t know how

©Chris Chonos

Greatest Adventure

Greatest Adventure

As I sit and ponder my life

The great adventures I took

I could write such a book

The sites I have seen

All the paces I’ve been

Six continents I’ve visited

The culture kept me riveted

People who lent a kind hand

When you visited their land

These travels I’ve been they do not compare

With the the love that we share

The greatest adventure I’ve ever known

Is the big heart and the love that you’ve shown

Forever my life I will travel with you

This adventure of love that is so true

©️Chris Chonos

Writing Prompt Friday (A Walk in the Rain)

A Walk in the Rain

Jeff looked outside and saw that it was raining, how he loved the rain. The gentle drops falling from the sky to clean the earth below, the smell and the sound of it gently hitting the roof. One thing he especially loved was taking a nice walk in the rain…he didn’t know what it was but it made him feel clean and new, so he grabbed his rain coat and umbrella and decided to take a little stroll.

As he walked out the door he took a deep breath and a smile came across his face…the song ‘Singing in the Rain’ just popped in his head and he laughed out loud. He started to hum the tune as he started his way down the street.

He was a happy man and people could tell, he made sure of it. He jumped in every puddle he saw, swung around a light pole and had the biggest smile on his face. One particular person took a particular interest in Jeff…her name was Sarah.

Sarah liked the rain as well and couldn’t help but giggle at Jeff as he was coming down the street. As he got closer Sarah started to sing ‘Singing in the Rain’ out loud as well and jumped in the nearest puddle. Jeff took notice of this and stopped, he had to meet this person who loved walking in the rain as much as him.

‘Hi there’, Jeff said. This took Sarah by surprise but she responded ‘Hi to you as well’, she had a big smile. ‘Would you like to walk and sing with me in the rain?’…Jeff asked. ‘Sure, that would be great’…Sarah responded.

So Jeff grabbed her hand and they started skipping and dancing through the rain and hitting every puddle along the way. Jeff asked if she would like to go to the park, they had a great trail and the sound of the rain on the leaves and watching the drops hit the pond were like Mother Nature’s own music. Sarah said she would love to.

Once they got to the park Jeff showed Sarah the pond as they walked the path holding hands the whole time. Once they were far enough down the trail Jeff asked her if she wanted to dance. Sarah nodded and they both put their umbrellas down and took their hats off and danced slow and close in the rain…both knew they had found the person for them.

Mere Mortal

Oh, I am but a mere mortal. I am not able to fly above the clouds, run at supersonic speed, no super human strength or travel through time in a portal. I don’t process and of these super powers but I do have one thing that all of us have and that is the change one persons act with one simple act of kindness.

I see this as one of the greatest superpowers us mere mortals have. Whether it as simple as giving a kind word to a person who seems down or a shoulder to cry on we all have this ability. It doesn’t require a superpower to be able to lift someone up and possibly save their life; it is just a simple act of kindness.

I remember walking down the street one day in St. Louis when I was taking some photos downtown and this homeless man came up to me just to talk. I am a very open and non-judgmental person so I talked to him for what must have been a good hour. He told me how he use to have a job and family and loved taking photos. This person just opened up to me because I took the time to listen.

He also told me had try to wash up in a local restaurant because he wanted to apply for a job, but because he wasn’t there to buy anything they wouldn’t let him use the restroom. I immediately thought this was ridiculous and went over to the restaurant to get him a gift card so he was now a paying customer. I had never seen someone so happy and for the first time he smiled at me and said ‘god bless you’.

See being kind has more rewards than money can ever buy….it buys an inner peace and a warm heart. So don’t worry if you have those superpowers I mentioned before…the size of your heart is the greatest superpower you will ever possess.