As of Late

My writing has been lacking as of late…life gets so busy sometimes. The last week I have been preparing to take photos for a couple…and this last weekend was the wedding. The preparation time is really amazing but it all pays off in the end.

Though the wedding and schedule were a little out of sorts we were able to get some pretty good photos for the bride and groom; and helping to preserve those memories with photos is the ultimate goal. I have done weddings in the past and have had my own small business in the photography business, but this is the first time I am ready to go full on.

I hope that I can help people that struggle with the cost of photos for these special events be able to get memories captured at a reasonable price and don’t break the bank…I believe that it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to do that, so I promise that my writing will resume shortly…time management is key.

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