Writing Prompt Friday (Donation)

Jenny: Are you sure you want to donate this?

Brian: Yes. This one and the others as well.

Jenny: But this box is labeled ‘KEEP’

Brian: Yes, I know but it was memories of long ago and I don’t care to remember that past.

Jenny: What kind of memories could be that bad? Obviously it was important to you at one time

Brian: This memories are of a person I once loved, and yes they were once important to me, but she broke my heart.

Jenny: I am so sorry, what happened?

Brian: Well, it is a long story, it really wasn’t one thing but many things that led up to us falling out of love. You see we were once so deeply in love that you couldn’t separate us, we did everything together.

Jenny: What do you have in here?

Brian: Well, an assortment of things. I kept the first rose she ever gave to me, our tickets from the first movie we ever went to, a stuffed animal she bought for me on a trip; a penguin, the first shirt she ever bought me and a boutonniere from our wedding. I know these won’t mean much to anyone else but I can’t just throw them in the trash but of course understand if you do.

Jenny: Those are very close and personal things and I find it deeply romantic you kept them for so long. I don’t know if any one will want them but will take care of this for you. May I ask you why she left you.

Brian: It is very simple we just fell out of love. The last three years of our marriage was spent in separate bedrooms and no time spent together. She spent most of the time on her phone or with her other friends. Little did I know by friends it was her lover.

Jenny: I promise to take special care of this donation

The following day the Jenny finally opened the box…tears welled up in her eyes for she knew the personal attachment this had to the man who donated it…though she knew it wasn’t a donation, but more of a way to get rid of the past without it being just tossed in the trash. That’s when she decided she had met the one true romantic left in town.

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