Problem Solver

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This is a short little writing that I did for a writing exercise and just wrote. Based off the past issues we had with the pandemic.

Problem Solver

What the fuck is going on here!? The world has gone bonkers was all that Max could say. Max had worked at the same company for 25 years, Big TP, the biggest company in the world that produced toilet paper. 

I suppose you’re wondering what Max was so upset with, well you see even ‘Big TP’ was out of toilet paper. People from work had hoarded all the toilet paper, there wasn’t a single roll on the shelves at work; and the whole place was empty. It seemed everyone had gone completely nuts and taken every inch of toilet paper and Max had to go.

Now Max was a problem solver so he reached for the paper towels, but people had even emptied the dispenser of those…this is crazy! Max decided the only option was to use the sink as his own bidet if he was going to clean up, good thing Max was a taller man.

So after finishing his business he looked at the sink and got himself in position and splashed water on his, well you know and proceeded to clean off…oh he was not happy, but you see Max was a problem solver.

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