Erotic Wednesday (Last Night)

Last Night

John had just left for his business trip and already he was thinking about his wife Janet. He couldn’t get her out of his head after the night they had last night. As usual she made his favorite dinner…a steak, loaded baked potato and a fresh garden salad, but she didn’t make dessert…she was dessert.

She lead him upstairs after they were finished…he just watched her hips sway as he lead him by the hand to their bedroom. She told home to lay down and relax while she got comfortable. she winked at him and went into the bathroom.

John laid down on the bed and waited for Janet…and his wait was worth the wait…Janet came out in the sexiest lace outfit he had ever seen. She made her way to the bed and slowly undressed him touching every part of his body.

Janet made all his wildest dreams come true that night and made him feel like the center of the world…he had never experienced anything like that before. The way her body moved with his in complete unison…the most intense pleasure he had ever felt.

As he sat in his seat on the airplane he already couldn’t wait to get home.

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