Writing Prompt Friday (Strawberries)

Photo by Nadi Lindsay on Pexels.com

Mike was sitting in the kitchen contemplating on what to have for a snack and nothing looked good. You see Mike was a junk food man and ate out constantly at all the big fast food restaurants, but he was low on cash and didn’t really feel like going out, so he opened up the fridge to see what there was. The only thing in the fridge was a carton of strawberries. Mike just sighed and pulled them out of the refrigerator and set them on the counter.

‘What am I supposed to do with these?’…he muttered to himself. ‘How can anyone eat these little….red blobs?’. He looked at them for a while and decide, well his stomach decided with all its rumbling, that it was this or nothing.

Mike grabbed the first one and tossed it into his mouth…he just about gagged. ‘That has got to be the nastiest thing I have ever had’…..he said as he cringed. But boy was he hungry so he took another one and just grimaced.

Now Mike didn’t know but his wife was watching him from around the corner and was watching him the whole time….she was quietly giggling to herself before she tapped him on the shoulder. Mike jumped about a foot in the air and asked…’how long have you been there?’ Karen smiled and said…’long enough to know you definitely don’t know how to eat a strawberry, let me show you’.

Karen took one of the strawberries and showed him….’See, you need to cut this little green thing off the top.’ Mike felt like an idiot. Karen put the prepared strawberry into Mikes mouth and waited for a reaction.

‘Oh my god, that is much better’….Mike said. Karen looked at him with a kind of sly smile and said…’let me show you something else.’ With that Karen went to the fridge and pulled out a little jar of chocolate that Mike hadn’t seen before and dipped the strawberry into the chocolate and fed it to him.

‘That is amazing’….Mike said with the biggest smile. Karen gave him a wink, grabbed the strawberries and chocolate. She then grabbed has hand and led him to their bedroom.

Needless to say Mike never thought strawberries were boring after that night.

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