Writing Prompt Friday (Watching a movie while it storms)

The Surprise

‘Wow, it is looking nasty today’… Chris said to Stacey. Stacey had a frown on her face, there was no prediction of storms today; and they had an all day planned of taking photos and visiting different parks. What Stacey didn’t know was Chris had a surprise for the end of the day.

You see Chris had planned a outside dinner with all of her favorite foods and a musicians playing for them, now Chris had to do some quick thinking.

‘What do you want to do?’…Stacey asked Chris. Chris thought for a while and said…‘let’s watch some movies, it’s a perfect day for it.’. Chris had programmed all of Stacey’s favorite movies and they were ready to go but she didn’t know that…so there was definitely a surprised look on her face when he showed her the line up. She looked at him and gave home a kiss and said ‘thank you babe.’.

As they started to watch the movies Chris excused himself and worked put his plan into motion. He called the people who were providing the food and the people that were going to play their song and arranged for them to arrive at the house at the same time. After he had done that he went and sat down with Stacey again and continued to watch the movies.

At 7 pm the doorbell rang and Chris answered the door…everyone was there and he invited them in. Stacey had a look of shock on her face. ‘What’s all this?’. ‘Well since we couldn’t go out I wanted to surprise you with nice meal with all your favorite foods and some music’.

Stacey’s eyes welled with tears and said…’Thank you babe…I love you.’ With that Chris grabbed her and kissed her and said ‘I love you too.’

All the while the storm raged outside but it seemed like a bright sunny day inside.

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