Word of the day Monday (Inveigle)

This word intrigued me…again another word I had never heard of before.

Inveigle (verb/in-vay-gul)

Definition: 1. To win over by Wiles 2. To acquire by ingenuity or flattery

An example of it’s use:

Yet another feather in Channel 5’s home-grown drama cap, this intriguing four-parter should satisfy mystery fans perhaps unfulfilled by ITV’s Finding Alice. Halfpenny excels as the obsessed mother, inveigling her way into the lives of the boy and his father.” — Gerard Gilbert, i (inews.co.uk), 1 Feb. 2021

Into my Life

Time stood still

Nothing left to fulfill

Until I met you

Love I knew was true

Inveigling your way into my life

I knew I would make you my wife

©Chris Chonos

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