Erotic Wednesday (Flower Does Bloom)

Flower Does Bloom Oh to have your taste upon my lips The sweetness overwhelms me The act of gathering your honey The beauty of your flower I see Nectar taking not in laps but sips Your moans music upon my ears Reaching the plateau with a long arch The crescendo of a symphony The musicContinue reading “Erotic Wednesday (Flower Does Bloom)”

Word of the day Monday (Inveigle)

This word intrigued me…again another word I had never heard of before. Inveigle (verb/in-vay-gul) Definition: 1. To win over by Wiles 2. To acquire by ingenuity or flattery An example of it’s use: Yet another feather in Channel 5’s home-grown drama cap, this intriguing four-parter should satisfy mystery fans perhaps unfulfilled by ITV’s Finding Alice. Halfpenny excelsContinue reading “Word of the day Monday (Inveigle)”

Writing Prompt Friday (Watching a movie while it storms)

The Surprise ‘Wow, it is looking nasty today’… Chris said to Stacey. Stacey had a frown on her face, there was no prediction of storms today; and they had an all day planned of taking photos and visiting different parks. What Stacey didn’t know was Chris had a surprise for the end of the day.Continue reading “Writing Prompt Friday (Watching a movie while it storms)”

Erotic Wednesday (Round Two)

Jason kissed Janet with all the passion within his soul, pulling her in close and deep…he needed to breathe her in, all of her in. Janet felt every part of Jason in the kiss…every emotion and the love he had for her. She knew she wanted more then his kiss…she needed all of him. SheContinue reading “Erotic Wednesday (Round Two)”