Writing Prompt Friday (Lost in the Dark)


The lights are on

I can see clearly

Hand in front of my face

Walk at a brisk pace

For I know that soon darkness will fall

And I will see no more

Fear will be to the very core

And all of the sudden it does come

The darkness it falls

The fear it calls

Not knowing which direction

Which is way to turn

My fear it soon does burn

For where do I go

Not knowing the way

I am lost in this darkness

No light to guide

©️ Chris Chonos

Feed the Desire

Feed the Desire

Heat felt with every touch

Every Kiss

To want so much

To feel that bliss

Heat of passion does flow

As intentions grow

Caress the parts of unknown

With hands wandering love is shown

Feel hands excite me ways never knew

You let me touch and taste your morning dew

To taste your sweetness excites me more

Like never know before

To dance ; lovers hips move and sway

This is more than play

This is love of fire

This to feed the desire

© Chris Chonos

Words Flow

Words Flow

My poetry is an expression of who am

All feeling expressed

Whether pain




Almost an obsession

The words I write down

Help me not drown

Keep and fill my soul

Peace of mind is my goal

To the people who read

On my passion they feed

To help me to grow

My words do flow

© Chris Chonos

Whispering Wind

Whispering Wind

Whispering wind calls your name

A light breeze upon my ear

Creates emotions of peace

With no fear

A welcomed breeze

My heart it does please

Cools the air I breath deep

Forever this whisper will I keep

© Chris Chonos

Erotic Wednesday (Can’t Break or Dare)

Can’t Break or Dare

Sly grin on your face I know I’m captured

Have me locked in; don’t want to escape

With your beauty I am raptured

With satin and lace my mouth agape

Reaching out a delicate hand

Caressing my skin a tingle inside

I fall like in quick sand

Your intentions you can not hide

Push me down and take control

Climb on top and kiss me deep

Whisper in my ear make me whole

Slowly guide me to where you love you keep

Move in rhythm hands take mine

Closer to the edge we approach

From your sighs I know the sign

Closer to that pinnacle we broach

Animalistic sounds escape are lips

My love for now flows within

As the tighter you do grip

Across my lips I do grin

Cuddle up bodies covered in sweat

Tender kisses we now share

Never better then making love to you will it get

This love no one can break or dare

© Chris Chonos



Memories like photos we carry through life

Some good; some bad

Not always clear; maybe blurry

But they are yours alone

No one else can steal

May make you happy; may make you sad

Keep them close; don’t let them go

Because they make you who you are

Always your past they show

©️ Chris Chonos



Feeling locked in a cage

No bars to hold me in

But locked away no less

No way to get out this rage

No way to get out this rage

Kept inside but try to fight

Battling with all my might

Locked inside this cage

©️ Chris Chonos