Passion Unfolds

Passion Unfolds

That luscious fruit I do crave

Just a taste won’t be enough

Must have it all with the sweetness it holds

As my passion unfolds

Just taste with my tongue at first

A slight lick and maybe a twist

Savoring the juice it holds

As my passion unfolds

To devour and savor it with my mouth

Sucking in all the nectar within

I want it all it can be told

As my passion unfolds

Taking all and not wanting anything in return

This fruit is enough to feed my appetite

This you see I take with delight

As my passion unfolds.

© Chris Chonos

One thought on “Passion Unfolds

  1. aw yes… you greedy fool. As it drips down your face and you must unbuckle your belt for the bloat, incapable of savoring… your passion will lead eventually to a necessity called moderation and or balance, less you eventually make passion meaningless.

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