Writing Prompt Friday (Photographs)

I had to go through some boxes after my grandfather had passed away, I was heart broken by his passing and was fighting back the tears. He was a kind man who had taught me so much about fishing, music and life in general. He had passed away from cancer and I wasn’t there to be with him in his final days.

As I started to go through some boxes and came upon a photo album. I opened it up and realized it was a photo album that contained pictures of me and him. There were photos of him holding me as a baby; I was the first grandson. There were also pictures of me with a creel of fish and my fishing pole…I don’t remember when this picture was taken but I was very young and all the memories just came flooding back.

My eyes welled up as I went through all of the photos of me and him…I knew I would keep this for myself. The photographs would be the constant reminder he was with me always.

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