Writing Prompt Friday (The Omniscient)

I decided to do something a little different today…I am actually using a word of the day type approach for my writing prompt. I am using the word ‘omniscient’. Omniscient means to have infinite awareness, understanding, and insight ; or possessed of universal or complete knowledge.

The Omniscient

Jack had been struggling with depression for most of his life and finally it came to a head. He knew he had to get some help but didn’t want to use medications like Percocet, that just wasn’t for him, so he started looking around the internet and found that meditation had shown some real promise.

Now Jack had always thought it was funny with the ‘Ohms’ and chants that were associated with meditation, but he thought why not. So he downloaded a meditation app for his phone and thought he would give it a try. The app he chose was called ‘The Omniscient’, he didn’t know what that meant but thought, hey it’s free I’ll give it a shot.

The next day he thought he would try his first session; so he opened up the app, put on his headphones and got comfortable. The voice came on was a very sexy sounding woman…she had a very sultry voice and put him at ease. As he started his first session he felt very relaxed and followed all of the directions for breathing, Ohms, humming and just settling in.

Over the next few weeks Jack was really feeling much better and wanted to share this with his friends; so he texted them about the app. All of them texted back and said they couldn’t find the app anywhere, Jack was surprised by this it was the first one that had popped up on his App Store; so he decided to look for himself and sure enough it wasn’t there. Maybe they weren’t supporting it anymore or didn’t get good enough ratings…he didn’t care because it was working for him.

As time passed by Jack noticed something strange happening to him, he seemed to know the answer to every question on his tests at college; this had certainly not been the case in the past, and he didn’t even have to open a book. He started to have wild visions about the beginning of the universe and life. You know all the big things people asked like ‘Are we alone in the universe?’, the answer was emphatically no in Jack’s mind. He was solving equations that were suppose to be unsolvable.

He decided he needed to figure out what was going on, but then it came to him…the name of the app, ‘The Omniscient’….all possessed of universal or complete knowledge, having infinite awareness, understanding, and insight; he was given a gift. He was now the omniscient…at that moment he felt like god.

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