Erotic Wednesday (Can’t Break or Dare)

Can’t Break or Dare

Sly grin on your face I know I’m captured

Have me locked in; don’t want to escape

With your beauty I am raptured

With satin and lace my mouth agape

Reaching out a delicate hand

Caressing my skin a tingle inside

I fall like in quick sand

Your intentions you can not hide

Push me down and take control

Climb on top and kiss me deep

Whisper in my ear make me whole

Slowly guide me to where you love you keep

Move in rhythm hands take mine

Closer to the edge we approach

From your sighs I know the sign

Closer to that pinnacle we broach

Animalistic sounds escape are lips

My love for now flows within

As the tighter you do grip

Across my lips I do grin

Cuddle up bodies covered in sweat

Tender kisses we now share

Never better then making love to you will it get

This love no one can break or dare

© Chris Chonos

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