Word of the Day Monday (Urbane)

Urbane (Adjective, er-Bayne)- Notably polite or polished in manner. An example of use: “When had my willful and boorish cousin turned into this urbane young artist greeting the guests at her opening reception?” wondered James. Urbane Man Oh gentleman traveler How you look so rough With all the paths you wander Does make your skinContinue reading “Word of the Day Monday (Urbane)”

Writing Prompt Friday (Secret Lair)

Secret Lair Walking a path only I do know No one I will ever show Down behind the shelf of books There no one will ever look Stairs they lead down below This place no one will ever go So deep into a cavern still This lair below I do fill With computers and gadgetsContinue reading “Writing Prompt Friday (Secret Lair)”

Writing Prompts Friday (Ghosts)

Ghosts A house of old where spirits hide Do we dare go inside Haunted it does seem Muffled silent deadly scream House where stairs always creek Source trying to always seek Foot steps upon the floor Come right up to the door Open the door to investigate Quicker is your heart rate No one thereContinue reading “Writing Prompts Friday (Ghosts)”

Erotic Wednesday (Desire Burns)

Desire Burns The desire burns me to the very core Heart does race Body shakes This love I want to share Bodies melding; one being Connected as passion does rise Love with which we are feeding Pleasure escapes with growing sighs Feeling the quickened pace Voices now turns into cries Hearts begin to race EcstasyContinue reading “Erotic Wednesday (Desire Burns)”

Erotic Wednesday (Enduring Pleasure)

Enduring Pleasure Awe inspiring view Valleys and rolling hills The early morning dew Excitement it does fill Follow the path; I trace With kisses tender and soft Keep a slow pace Every touch sends me aloft Feeling the quiver within you Reaching the end of my endeavor Oh how I kiss the morning dew ToContinue reading “Erotic Wednesday (Enduring Pleasure)”