New Idea

I have been thinking about a new idea for combining all my passions into one. I have a great love photography but don’t really post much of any of it anywhere anymore…in fact I started my own business to do traditional photos of families, family events, weddings…etc. But my true love is black and white photography and abstract or minimalism photography. I also have a great passion and love for music which I have created some songs and pieces using Garageband in the past. Of course I love to write as well as this blog shows.

So my idea is to combine all of these into one piece. Not sure how I would do that but it is something I have pondered and threw around for the last couple of weeks. In fact I’m thinking of trying it here on my Thursdays where I write about whatever I like or it might be a once a month post, I’m not sure yet.

I think the unique thing about this is the fact that it would all be things I created. Nothing would be copied or anyone else’s work. I know it is a big undertaking and requires some time, but I think it would be worth it to put them all together.

I thought I would share this idea and maybe see what people think…so if you have any thoughts let me know them…I always love hearing people’s opinions. Just need to figure out how to combine them all here.

Thanks for listening.

My Depression

This poem relates to how I felt when I was dealing with deep depression in my past…I hid from everyone and felt alone…some very dark times for me. Writing helped and I wrote every day in my journals through poetry…I know how it feels and know if you feel this way you aren’t alone.

My Depression

Mind it wanders

Thoughts floating

Mind feeling numb

Silence has come

Louder then anyone knows

This silence it does grow

Doubt seems to follow

Silent and hollow

Light seems to fade

As the foundation is laid

Sadness creeps inside

Nowhere to hide

Lay down in a ball

Body does fall

This depression sinks in

How lonely its been

© Chris Chonos

Writing Prompt Friday (Being Released from Prison)

I Need a Drink

There he stood waiting in line to get his possessions back, John had been in prison for the last 10 years for vehicular manslaughter. He couldn’t believe he was finally going to be this god awful place.

It was 10 years ago that he had gone out with his friends to celebrate his 21st birthday, he could finally drink legally. His friends were buying all the rounds and putting shots in front of him so fast he couldn’t keep up. He knew he was really drunk but wanted to get home to get some rest so he snuck out on his friends when he went to the bathroom.

He knew he shouldn’t drive but didn’t want to wait for an Uber driver to get there and pick him up either, that just gave his friends more opportunity to get him back in the bar and feed him drinks…and he was done.

He clearly remembers fumbling with his keys and then the rest is a blur. The next thing he knew he was laying in his car with blood running down his face and a police officer looking at him and asking if he was alright. John couldn’t even answer him and the police officer new he was intoxicated. He got John out of the car and over to an ambulance where they looked at him and bandaged up what were very minor cuts on his forehead.

The police officer came over after that and gave him Breathalyzer test and proceeded to read John his rights. It wasn’t till later he heard that a 10 year old and her mother had been killed in the other car. John was devastated and felt a sense of fear come over him when the police told him he was being arrested for vehicular manslaughter…2nd degree murder.

The trial was very short and John plead guilty, he knew what he did was wrong and was willing to accept responsibility for his actions. The judge was not so forgiving and gave him the longest sentence he could with no parole.

Prison was a terrible place and he felt remorse and guilt every day for what had happened. He spent most of the time in his cell and swore he would never drink again, no matter what. He went to meetings while in prison for addicts to help keep him off the juice when he got out.

John finally received all his possessions and was led to the door out of the prison. Ten years of his life gone and he was going to rebuild his life, where would he even begin.

As he walked out of the prison his best friend Brian was waiting in his car to take him home or wherever he wanted to go. He looked at John and asked ‘Where to buddy?’. John just looked at him and said ‘I need a drink’.

A Day Without Writing

This a free flow writing where I just put down words as they came to my head.

A Day Without Words

To go a day without

Not t putting a word down

With my mind fought

How to not put down a word

Not that anyone heard

In my mind only and not for all

My heart it does fall

Putting the words away

Maybe nothing to say

But no my words flow

Thoughts they grow

So not a day with out words

Words they will be heard

©️ Chris Chonos

Erotic Wednesday (Meeting Across the Room)

Meeting Across the Room

Magic created at first glance

This meeting is not by chance

Moving closer we embrace

Your body hands do trace

Kiss of deep passion swept away

Take you to my bed to lay

Trace lightly upon smooth skin

With fingers and lips lighting the fire within

Oh feed upon your sweetness with lips and tongue

Sweeter then a mornings setting sun

Take each taste as if it were the last

Ecstasy builds and comes upon fast

Release the sweet nectar I crave

And every drop I will save

Pleasure explodes with passionate cries

And settles with gentle sighs

© Chris Chonos

Love Poem Tuesday (Love will Always Be)

I will always be there for my love.

Love will Always Be

My heart does overflow

And forever grow

With love I have for you

Love forever will show true

With open arms when feeling low

My compassion I will show

Always be by your side

Endeavors you try; support I will always provide

With highs and lows you know you can count on me

Love for you will always be

© Chris Chonos

Word of the Day Monday (Emigrate)

The word of today is Emigrate.

Emigrate- (EM-uh-grayt/verb) Emigrate means “to leave a country or region in order to live somewhere else.”

Migrateemigrate, and immigrate are all about being on the move. All those terms come from the Latin word migrare, which means “to move from one place to another.” Emigrate and immigrate sound alike, and it is true that both involve leaving one location and entering another. The subtle difference between them lies in point of view: emigrate stresses leaving the original place, while immigrate focuses on entering the new one. You won’t have trouble keeping them straight if you remember that the prefix e– means “away,” as in eject, and the prefix im– or in– means “into,” as in inject.

An example of use:

The author’s family emigrated from Hungary.

Poem inspired by the current events in Afghanistan.

Foreign Land

To emigrate to a foreign land

Not familiar with culture

A scary thing it must be

For the world to see

Lost and not knowing where you go

Dropped off in this foreign land

Oh you must be scared so

Emigrating from hostility and mistrust

But you do what you must

Keeping family safe in troubled times

Emigrating to a foreign land

© Chris Chonos

Inner Wild

Inner Wild

The wolf on the prowl

Next victim to seek

To face off with a growl

To move stealthy and sleek

To pounce upon with speed

Strength that can’t be matched

To ravage upon and feed

The meek and mild

To feed the inner wild

©️ Chris Chonos

Madness to Break

Madness to Break

Sleep alludes desperate minds

Looking to rest in peace

But peace is interrupted

These dreams do find

Creeping in taking away

Silence gone mind does stir

Everything turns a blur

Peace is gone a madness replaced

Monsters galore they do invade

Madness in head is made

Escape to try find a way out




No where to hide

Desperate measures are tried

Must wait for light and dawns break

For this madness to break

© Chris Chonos