Word of the Day Monday (Bromide)

The word for the day is definitely a word I had never heard before: bromide.

Bromide (BROH-myde/Noun)- A bromide is a commonplace or hackneyed statement or idea.

An example of its use:

His speech had nothing more to offer than the usual bromides about how everyone needs to work together.

“A banal bromide like ‘trust the science’ helps neither science nor the public in the long run. The key is effective communication: neither proselytizing nor bland recitation of the facts.” — Cory Franklin, The Wyoming County (Pennsylvania) Press Examiner, 9 Dec. 2020

I don’t usually get political, but this word provoked all kind of emotions.

Think for Yourself

How you tell me

This bullshit bromide like “trust me, I know best”

Do you think I don’t see

These politicians

These politicians lie

Serving their own needs

on what we feed

Don’t follow like sheep

In your own mind keep

Using the facts and not follow blindly

This they don’t want to hear

Thinking for yourself they fear

For these bromide statements you see

Will keep you from being free

© Chris Chonos

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