Word of the Day Monday (Emigrate)

The word of today is Emigrate.

Emigrate- (EM-uh-grayt/verb) Emigrate means “to leave a country or region in order to live somewhere else.”

Migrateemigrate, and immigrate are all about being on the move. All those terms come from the Latin word migrare, which means “to move from one place to another.” Emigrate and immigrate sound alike, and it is true that both involve leaving one location and entering another. The subtle difference between them lies in point of view: emigrate stresses leaving the original place, while immigrate focuses on entering the new one. You won’t have trouble keeping them straight if you remember that the prefix e– means “away,” as in eject, and the prefix im– or in– means “into,” as in inject.

An example of use:

The author’s family emigrated from Hungary.

Poem inspired by the current events in Afghanistan.

Foreign Land

To emigrate to a foreign land

Not familiar with culture

A scary thing it must be

For the world to see

Lost and not knowing where you go

Dropped off in this foreign land

Oh you must be scared so

Emigrating from hostility and mistrust

But you do what you must

Keeping family safe in troubled times

Emigrating to a foreign land

© Chris Chonos

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