Writing Prompt Friday (First Site)

Writing prompt for today is First site.

First Site it was for Me

To see for the first time

Sparkling eyes

Shy smile

Did not hear my little sigh

Knew then as walking towards

Heart it said these little words

You love her you fool

How did it know? Ask yet still

How could it tell a heart she would fill

At first site seems such a myth

How could it be true to love with no words

But it was and not know why

Heart it speaks and must be heard

For it know when the eyes do see

First site it was for me

© Chris Chonos

Erotic Wednesday (Fingers do Play)

Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

Fingers do Play

Hand does tease beneath your skirt

As my fingers begin to flirt

Pushing aside fabric that blocks the way

Fingers how they want to play

Rub upon flowers bud

Circles and strokes starts juices flood

A deep breath you take

As knees start to quake

Oh how body it does shake

Feel you hold tighter still

As juices begin to spill

A moan comes from deep inside

This pleasure can not hide

Knees get weak reaching the peak

This pleasure given that you seak

Fall limp with my loving arms

Fingers give loving charms

© Chris Chonos

Erotic Wednesday (Dance Called Love)

Dance Called Love

This dance called love we share

Music plays within our heart

Intertwined as one nothing to pull us apart

In unison moving and swaying as one

Pace starts to quicken as the beat does rise

The love I see within your eyes

Mouths meeting tongues create their own dance

Hips swaying faster as crescendo does near

Our bodies intentions are clear

The music it seems is driving this dance

As the pinnacle is reached a moan does escape

Holding tighter as the dance it does end

Bliss to body and soul this dance does send

© Chris Chonos

Word of the Day Monday (Bromide)

The word for the day is definitely a word I had never heard before: bromide.

Bromide (BROH-myde/Noun)- A bromide is a commonplace or hackneyed statement or idea.

An example of its use:

His speech had nothing more to offer than the usual bromides about how everyone needs to work together.

“A banal bromide like ‘trust the science’ helps neither science nor the public in the long run. The key is effective communication: neither proselytizing nor bland recitation of the facts.” — Cory Franklin, The Wyoming County (Pennsylvania) Press Examiner, 9 Dec. 2020

I don’t usually get political, but this word provoked all kind of emotions.

Think for Yourself

How you tell me

This bullshit bromide like “trust me, I know best”

Do you think I don’t see

These politicians

These politicians lie

Serving their own needs

on what we feed

Don’t follow like sheep

In your own mind keep

Using the facts and not follow blindly

This they don’t want to hear

Thinking for yourself they fear

For these bromide statements you see

Will keep you from being free

© Chris Chonos

Once did Play

Once did Play

On a summer stroll

Upon the undulant hills

Staff in hand

To steady still

Up and down making way

Upon these hills once did play

Rolling and running as a child

Feeling free and wild

But now older and can not do things once done

Life is setting like the sun

But still do dream of younger days

Looking upon these undulant hills I once did play.

©️ Chris Chonos

Inner Peace

I wrote this piece inspired my recent meditation practice. Meditation is truly helping me to find inner peace and help to resolve some of the turmoil within my mind. If you would like to see more about my journey through meditation you can check out my other blog mymeditationjournal.wordpress.com

Inner Peace

As my mind softens with soothing music

My mind drifts to thoughts

Nothing searched for outside

Releasing the feelings that hide

Inner peace it does bring

My heart and soul do sing

In harmony as one a chorus

Not for someone else to judge

But for me alone

My inner peace is shown

© Chris Chonos

Fields of Wildflowers

With beautiful petals blooming

Blossoming in the spring field

Reaching for the sun to give life

They do not need grooming

Beauty that needs no tending

No human hands to feed or water

Mother Nature takes care

For the beauty she shares

Fields of wildflowers natures garden

To enjoy with your own eyes

No need to intervene

Mother Nature provides

©️ Chris Chonos

Rumors and Scuttlebutt

The words pass through lips

Is it true or false?

Do they really know

Or is it just for show

Rumors and scuttlebutt

Do I believe what they say?

It can’t be real

How does it make you feel

Make my own mind up

Ask you myself

You’ll provide the real answers

To this scuttlebutt, rumors and slanders