Writing Fatigue

While thinking about what to write today it came to me that I have really been off lately on my writing…meaning I have had a hard time keeping on my schedule. I am wondering if I have writer’s fatigue…I mean I am worn out from writing, but how can this be…I love to write. I mean I write all the time and all these words are floating around in my head, but as of late that has really slowed down…is my brain tired of letting my fingers scroll across my keyboard?

Most of my writing is not planned out…I write very much on the fly and just publish it…I don’t schedule any posts or write anything in advance unless it is something I wrote a long time ago and decide to post something on only just wrote on paper; and that doesn’t happen very often.

I think this is why I’m wore out…so, this weekend is just this little post…oh and if you follow my schedule, I missed ‘Writing Prompt Friday’….and thank you to all that follow me as well.

I’m taking a little break from writing and will get back to it Monday…I will make sure to catch up on all you great poets and writers out there on Monday and maybe feel a little more refreshed…Have a great weekend!

Former Friend

Former Friend

Hiding behind a mask

Someone that should be known

Taking a long time

True intentions shown

Talking advantage of trust

Using friendship as a game

Feelings shattered to dust

Never see you the same

More cautious become

Letting few people in

The numbers are some

Understand if they knew where been

If only you could see

The damage that had been done

That damage to me

By the deception you spun

©️ Chris Chonos


Erotic Wednesday (Your Garden)

Your Garden

Body so flexuous

To trace each path and have a taste

Each curve and rise to behold

Upon eyes does unfold

To take sweet time to explore

Taking in the beauty before

Sight, taste and touch working as one

A great adventure until done

Trip through valleys reach sweet garden to gaze upon

To take a taste of nectar

To touch the flower bloomed before

Heaven it seems to be in the sweetness

Of your garden I adore

© Chris Chonos

Love Poem Tuesday (Next to Me)

I know it isn’t Tuesday, but due to work getting in the way and being busy later on last night I included it Today. I can’t skip my poems to my lovely wife.

Next to Me

My dear love I write to you

Words that show love true

Give you happiness that fills your heart

Though we may be apart

Those this time apart is not too long

These poems show my feelings strong

For any time apart from you

There is always a little blue

I know we will be together when the day is done

Before the setting of the sun

Then to have you next to me

That my love is my favorite place to be

© Chris Chonos

Word of the Day Monday (Exemplary)

Exemplary (adjective, ig-ZEM-pluh-ree)- deserving imitation : commendablealso : deserving imitation because of excellence. serving as a pattern. serving as an example, instance, or illustration. Serving as a warning: monitory.

Example of use:

The novel is exemplary of 18th-century Romanticism.

“The awards … celebrate the exemplary performance of public school teachers throughout the city that inspire students, model great teaching, and enrich school communities.” — Annalise Knudson, The Staten Island (New York) Advance, 25 June 2021


Your eyes pools which to drown

An Exemplary display of beauty

Like a jewel in a crown

I feel to stare into is a duty

© Chris Chonos