Erotic Wednesday (Your Garden)

Your Garden Body so flexuous To trace each path and have a taste Each curve and rise to behold Upon eyes does unfold To take sweet time to explore Taking in the beauty before Sight, taste and touch working as one A great adventure until done Trip through valleys reach sweet garden to gaze uponContinue reading “Erotic Wednesday (Your Garden)”

Love Poem Tuesday (Next to Me)

I know it isn’t Tuesday, but due to work getting in the way and being busy later on last night I included it Today. I can’t skip my poems to my lovely wife. Next to Me My dear love I write to you Words that show love true Give you happiness that fills your heartContinue reading “Love Poem Tuesday (Next to Me)”

Word of the Day Monday (Exemplary)

Exemplary (adjective, ig-ZEM-pluh-ree)- deserving imitation : commendable; also : deserving imitation because of excellence. serving as a pattern. serving as an example, instance, or illustration. Serving as a warning: monitory. Example of use: The novel is exemplary of 18th-century Romanticism. “The awards … celebrate the exemplary performance of public school teachers throughout the city that inspire students, model great teaching, and enrich school communities.”Continue reading “Word of the Day Monday (Exemplary)”