Erotic Wednesday (Moment Shared)

Moment Shared Lay upon the bed before you now You want me to show you how I please myself when you aren’t there This you want me to share Most intimate a moment this will be This pleasure I give myself for you to see Slowly I caress myself for you Because I love youContinue reading “Erotic Wednesday (Moment Shared)”

Word of the Day Monday (Misbegotten)

Misbegotten-(mis- big-GAH-tun/adjective) means “ill-conceived.” It can also mean “having an improper origin.” Example of use: The celebrity’s misbegotten tweet went viral. The university’s Board of Trustees rejected the misbegotten plan for building a new football stadium. The Past Those times of the past The times we thought would never last Misbegotten plans that we wouldContinue reading “Word of the Day Monday (Misbegotten)”

Life with a splash of color

Doing something a little different this Sunday…I took a walk around town and showing even if the days seem dark you can always find a little color with some photos I took. Can Be Found Though life may seem dark And no light can be found All you have to do is look around AndContinue reading “Life with a splash of color”

Writing Prompt Friday (Early Morning Chill)

Chilly Walks This morning there is a chill A coldness in the air and a world so still The crispness of the air around Walking on leaves with crackling sound Breath escapes with a plume like cloud And then an inhale it sounds so loud The cold crisp air is refreshing still Where once didContinue reading “Writing Prompt Friday (Early Morning Chill)”

Erotic Wednesday (Our Rhythm)

Our Rhythm The feeling of skin on skin Sweat pouring out of pores Sounds escaping lips of pleasure Heat building in our very core Meeting with a rhythm of our own Moving in time with every thrust Bodies aching for the release Faces expressing intentions shown Rhythm increase as that moment is near Head thrownContinue reading “Erotic Wednesday (Our Rhythm)”

Word of the Day Monday (Collude)

Collude (verb/kuh-LOOD)- to conspire or plot. Example of use: The two companies had colluded to keep prices high. All the Same The dangers times with which we live Not only one but all Take whatever we will give To the freedoms we do have fall Not on group or the other takes the blame In it allContinue reading “Word of the Day Monday (Collude)”