Word of the Day Monday (Inflammable)

The word of the day is inflammable.

Inflammable (adjective. in-FLAM-uh-bul)-Describes things that can easily catch fire. It also means easily excited or angered.

Example of use:

The gas is highly inflammable.

The messenger trembled as he stuttered out the news of the army’s defeat to the highly inflammable king.

Freedom Slips Away

This time that we live

So much expected to give

Not to ones that deserve

But ones that feel we serve

Passion it burns inside me now

Try to control I don’t know how

Take what they think we owe

An inflammable patriot my anger does grow

To give and think they need more

To control and make us poor

All in the name of safety and security they say

As slowly they erode freedoms away

© Chris Chonos

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