Erotic Wednesday (How I Dream)

How I Dream Waiting in a dream of you Laying across the softest satin sheets Fully exposed mind and body Looking like an angel so true Waiting Waiting Waiting Waiting to take you to a place of ecstasy Of bliss beyond your wildest fantasies To ravage and make you feel whole Down to your veryContinue reading “Erotic Wednesday (How I Dream)”

Monday Word of the Day (coiffure)

I’m back after a little break. Coiffure (noun/kwah-FYUR)-A coiffure is a style or manner of arranging the hair. Example of use: // Linda almost didn’t recognize her daughter as Elyse came off the bus with a stylish, new coiffure. I See The wind it blows Her her hair in coiffure Her eyes on fire EmbracingContinue reading “Monday Word of the Day (coiffure)”