Love Poem Tuesday (Together We Belong)

For you my love always and forever.

Together We Belong

Warmth in my heart every day

With little things you do and say

Pick me up when I am blue

Lets me know your love is true

Arms to hold and heart to love

No one is above

You are my strength when not strong

Together we belong

I love you dear with all my heart

Hearts connected nothing can ever part

© Chris Chonos

Thoughts and Projects

Have you ever found yourself in position where you have so many projects you want to do that you don’t know where to start? I am finding that I’m there right now…I love writing, music and photography so much that I want to do something with all of them. I guess that is why I have incorporated so many into my blog recently.

I don’t know if it is because of ADHD or what, but I want to try and focus a lot into one big project now. I truly don’t know how this will work or if I will even have the time to complete it…will it be a music project, writing project or photography project, who knows? I just know I want to accomplish a whole project that is all mine and not one borrowed or taken.

I guess my thought is I want to share that journey as well…I don’t know where it will lead me or will it be a new blog…who’s to say. I do know one thing…it will be a brand new experience and it might be coming soon.

Flash Fiction Thursday (Thanks for the Gas)

I screwed my schedule up so here we are Friday with a Flash Fiction Thursday. I will get back on track soon. This is my first attempt at writing flash fiction so I hope to get better as time goes by. Please let me know what you think, any and all constructive criticism is welcome.

Thanks for the Gas

I was driving on a lonely stretch of highway in the middle of Arizona when my car started to make the strangest noises like clanks, clunks and chugs; as I looked down I noticed I had run out of gas. Shit, how could I have not filled up in the last town? I pulled over to the side of the road and came to an abrupt stop.

As I looked around I realized I haven’t seen a car it what seems like a lifetime. I got out of the car and looked at my phone, of course no signal. I decided a long walk was the plan till I got a cell signal; or made it back to the last town I passed through.

As I started down the road it started to get dark and the temperature was starting to drop; and to make matters worse, in the distance coyotes were starting to howl like they were ready to feast. I picked up the pace not only to make better time but to keep warm, who thought you would need a jacket in the desert?

I was just coming over a rise when I saw lights in the distance, what the hell is that?, I said to myself. It looked oblong with 3 rows of lights all different colors. 

As I walked closer I could see what looked like lizards walking around. They had long tails, appeared to be green in color and were standing on 2 feet. If you have ever seen the Geico Insurance commercials that is what they looked like.

As I stood and just stared one of the creatures noticed me and appeared to smile. ‘Come on over’…he said, My name is Clive and you look like you are lost and could use some help. I was taken aback and just stammered out ‘my name is Jack’. 

We exchanged some pleasantries and he asked me what I needed. I told him I have run out of gas in my car, but I wasn’t sure he could help. He laughed and said ‘I sure can’; and with that he pushed some buttons on a control panel near him and a gas can appeared full of fuel. 

I just stood in utter disbelief, I didn’t know what to say so I just said ‘Thank you’. He patted me on the shoulder and I left with a full can of gas and one hell of a story to tell.

Whatever Wednesday (Work Frustration)

Work Frustration

Frustration setting in like a storm

Thunderous pound within my mind

This sound it is not kind

Breaking down mental thought

With all the stresses it has brought

Lightning crashes all around my eyes

Streaks breaking down with pain

How to keep oneself sane

This day it brings with it dark clouds

Like heavy covering shrouds




It sometimes brings this feeling inside

In one self it does not head

Deep breaths one takes to wash it a way

© Chris Chonos

Get through one more work day

Love Poem Tuesday (Forever You)

Forever You

Eyes shining brighter and smile delights

Blinding with love warming very soul

Darkest day filled with light; this with love

Brighter than than any angel above

Keeping soul alive when feel can’t go on

Making me feel forever strong

Heart beats faster then any drum known

This gaze upon me my love has forever grown

Forever it will be for only you 

You my love forever true

© Chris Chonos

Trying some new things

Ahhhh….this week is an off week for writing as well as putting some new challenges out there for myself.

My schedule will be changing and incorporating some of the new things I’ve tried like the photo, art, music and poetry as well as adding an old passion of mine…photography. I will also be trying my hand at flash fiction and looking to challenge myself with that writing style.

The one thing that will stay constant is love poem Tuesday….that is for my beautiful wife and that is her day.

Look forward to next week and sharing more of the Real Me.