My Thoughts and Changes Coming

I’m sure there was an expectation as this post was opened that there would be a poem in wait, but alas there is no such thing; just my rambling thoughts.

I have been working on combining my own music, photos or drawings and poetry into one piece. I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of combining my passions together and getting the mood of all of them flowing together.

The photo has certainly been the base of these projects but am looking to mix things up and use each medium as the inspiration for the other. I am also working on making this a Thursday feature.

I am always looking to change things up and in the next week or so I am going to change the days up and maybe add a few different types of writing…I’m always looking to expand my writing. The only thing that won’t be changing is Tuesdays…that is my wife Stacey’s day…the love of my life.

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