Writing Prompt Friday (Mercy)

The writing prompt today is mercy. Mercy Please The man he kneels before all to see Knowing what will be Begging and pleading for his life to spare Does anyone that sees care? Anguish upon his face as he knows his fate In the crowd much hate The executioner raises his ax above his headContinue reading “Writing Prompt Friday (Mercy)”

Erotic Wednesday (Sweetest Fruit)

Sweetest Fruit The fruit of the gods my eyes do see The sweetest taste upon my lips This fruit in front of me Tasting ever so just slight sips Tongue dances delicately as taste and fragrance mix This sweet fruit is my fix Swirling and tasting every drop You say please don’t stop Quicken theContinue reading “Erotic Wednesday (Sweetest Fruit)”

Love Poem Tuesday (My Heart Pours)

My Heart Pours These emotions I feel inside These feelings I can’t hide Letting the world know How my love for you still does grow With words I write to you These words I write true You are the one who holds my heart This I knew from the very start Forever I am yoursContinue reading “Love Poem Tuesday (My Heart Pours)”

Word of the Day Monday (Mettle)

Mettle (noun/MET-ul)- Mettle refers to the ability to continue in spite of difficulties. Example of use: The contestants proved their mettle by completing the triathlon. Each Day With each day it goes by The emotions that roll through the mind With all the reason to find All the ways to try To Mettle through this world of chaos aroundContinue reading “Word of the Day Monday (Mettle)”

My Thoughts and Changes Coming

I’m sure there was an expectation as this post was opened that there would be a poem in wait, but alas there is no such thing; just my rambling thoughts. I have been working on combining my own music, photos or drawings and poetry into one piece. I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of combiningContinue reading “My Thoughts and Changes Coming”

Music, Art and Words (Flowers They Will Show)

Picture drawn by me and music composed by me. Flowers They Will Show Path long and full of vines Looking for the uneasy lines Flowers red they line the way To a tree of life this day Vines they wrap around this tree Under the full moon do I see There to grow new flowersContinue reading “Music, Art and Words (Flowers They Will Show)”

Writing Prompt Friday (Signs)

Signs Look all around and all you see All these things telling me Signs to telling what to do Where to go and accepting as true Signs telling me where to park And where to avoid after dark Telling to go this way and that Even when I don’t know where I’m at Where toContinue reading “Writing Prompt Friday (Signs)”