A Walk in the Rain

Though it may be raining outside

Inside I do not want to hide

The rain it seems gentle and light

The sensation against my skin so right

© Chris Chonos

I decided to take a walk outside even with the rain it seemed like a nice day to get out and just take a few photos to journal my short day out in the rain.

I decided to do a selfie which I don’t do very often…it just seemed like the thing to do.

Just Me

This is a path to the park that is near our house…I have always thought it looked photogenic…I find paths to be interesting…even though I know where this one goes many in life don’t always seem so clear.

Trail to a near by park

I always think it is interesting the streets that shoot off from the Main Street. I always think about the homes and the people that live there. The streets are their own little communities within the larger cities and towns.

A street I passed by

I had never really lived in a large town or city so sidewalks are kind of still a wonder to me…they are my urban hiking path now.

My urban trail

I see these penguins all the time and they get decorated for the different seasons. I guess there is someone that lives there that likes penguins as much as I do.

The neighbors penguins

My little journey down the street was very much needed and getting out is a way to escape the work at home life and just appreciate all a neighborhood has to offer.

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