First Kill (Flash Fiction)

This is much more morbid than anything I have ever written but it is the basis for a book I’m currently planning to work on.

A​s Mike sat a looked down a smile came across his face, he couldn’t help but be proud of himself, his first, and he was going to take in this moment as long as he dared to. He had been as meticulous he could be but the screams, oh how they were music to his ears. 

H​e knew her habits, he had watched her every day for the last week and when would be the best time to strike. She always walked down the same alley with plenty of places to hide to catch her off guard. Tonight was going to be different for her walk though, he had broken one of the lights near a small door way to the back door of one of the shops. She walked by without a care in the world, and even been whistling ‘It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’ to herself. He found this ironic since it wasn’t going to be a beautiful day for her, but as he smiled to himself, going to be a glorious day in the neighborhood for him.

H​e relived the whole moment in his mind. How she screamed when he first grabbed her, how he could feel her pulse raging through his entire body and how he could hear her breath escape from her lungs as he plunged the knife into her jugular. He had studied anatomy and knew that this was the perfect place to kill. She struggled for a bit before her body went limp and fell to the ground.

He hadn’t thought of the mess, but who cares if the blood spills onto the ground, let the sewer take that away for him. He did enjoy seeing it pooled up around her body as she laid there motionless. This new killer was excited that he hadn’t gotten any blood on himself, nothing on him to trace back to her. Mike smiled and looked down at his full body suit, he would burn this in a barrel at home and nothing would be here to incriminate him.

A​ll these fool mistakes before him had made, wanting a trophy…all would be destroyed.

Admiring his work he packed up the full body suit in a bag along with the knife and began to whistle ‘It’s a beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’. 

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