The Fishing Ends (Flash Fiction)

I’m writing from the top of my head right now and just letting words flow with ideas. I’m finding this a refreshing way to write.

The men stood on the deck of the ship watching the waves crash against the hull with thunderous sounds they knew tonight was going to bring little to no sleep. As the men slipped into their bunks they could hear the wind howl and thunder booming, they knew that sleep would have to come as the next day was going to be the busy emptying the cages full of king crab.

D​reams of money filled the men’s heads as they slept, but along with the money would be sore muscles and bumps and bruises; and falls and sprained ankles. 

A​s the fisherman woke in the morning they were welcomed by the cold brisk air of the bearing straight. Ice lined the hulls, and they knew that there would certainly be chipping involved to start the day, this was not going to be fun, but hopefully worth the work.

A​s the men began to chip the ice away, johnny the smallest of the bunch fell crying out in pain. He found the patches of ice on the deck, the rubber boots never provided much traction, but they did keep their feet dry. They carried him below deck and propped his foot up on one of the cushions and had to decide what to do next. Did they want to take him back to port or put ice on the ankle and hope for the best? The choice was simple, they needed to get him back to port, the fishing was going to have to wait.

T​he captain lumbered up the stairs to get them steamed back to port, this was money out of his and the men’s pockets. He knew heading back was the best, but still hated to make the trip because gas wasn’t free, and they would need to fuel up again before heading back out.

Navigating into the port the wind picked up and tossed the ship back and forth causing the captain to over-correct the ship and head directly for the dock. The first mate screamed at the captain; fear showing in his eyes, but there was nowhere to go as the boat crashed hard into the dock with a thunderous crash.

The trip was over and so was the opportunity to make money this year for the captain and the men.

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