Movie Idea (Flash Fiction)

I’m truly enjoying just writing some flash fiction and short pieces. I am using this an exercise for writing and will get back to some poetry and photos soon.

Movie Idea

​he wind was blowing with a ferociousness never heard before. The trees whipped back and forth creating, what looked like havoc in the sky. The moon a bright beacon beyond the silhouetted branches; this was scary, and Jim knew it would make for a great shot in his upcoming home movie.

H​e was an amateur film director in 9th grade with a passion for horror movies. Being lucky enough to have some friends in the local theater made it easy to get actors for his premier, but what was he going to name the move? Was it going to be about vampires, werewolves or Frankenstein, no it had to be more gruesome than any old school horror; it had to be gruesome and grotesque. He always had a fascination with Rob Zombie films, the cult films fascinated him, he wanted to create a cinematic extravaganza that no one would forget.

Taking the camera and framing the tree in the lens he knew what he wanted; the scene would be, a man hanging from a branch with a noose; his entrails hanging down with a pool of blood below. The key to the scene would be how the man was hoisted to such a height; did the person use a ladder, a lift or was the killer a giant. Jim laughed to himself, a giant would make for an interesting killer and be spin on a story like Jack and the Beanstalk. 

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