Surprising Stop (Flash fiction)

Since I started working towards free lance writing I am feeling so inspired to write, and it is really writing off the cuff.

Surprising Stop

T​he wind whipped past his head and blew his hair to the side as he drove his red sixty-nine mustang convertible. Jefferey had been on the road for way too long and the time alone and needed some company. He has been traveling selling those damn shower rings for hotels.

T​he sign up ahead flashed vacancy, sure it was a run down old motel, but it sure looked like a good place to stop for the night; the bonus of a bar connected didn’t hurt, and he sure could use a drink. 

Walking into the motel registration office he could smell cigarettes and cheap beer, and when he walked up to the desk he knew where the smell was coming from. Behind the desk was a short portly man with what looked like a Cuban cigar hanging out of the corner of his mouth.

T​he man looked at him and said ‘Welcome to the Motel of Pleasure’, 

A​ll Jack could do was give a little smirk and say ‘Thank you’. 

M​an behind the desk then introduced himself as Hernando and handed Jack the key to his room, to no surprise the room assigned was sixy-nine.

T​he walk to the room was nothing short of an adventure. There were hypodermic needles, packages of weed and beer bottles all over; this was not a place for a family.

O​pening the door to his room it reminded him of the 1970s; shag carpet, brown paneling and all the colors he remembered as a kid…all the browns and oranges you could imagine. He threw his travel bag on the bed but hesitated to lay down on what he figured was a semen covered cover, but he was so tired he gave in and crashed.

H​e woke up about 3 hours later, and he could hear music coming from the bar, so he decided to take a quick shower and get out and meet the locals, and partake in the libations the bar had to offer, and not just the drinks.

W​alking into the bar Jack was surprised by how many women were in the bar, and they weren’t the bar flies he expected in a small town, they were attractive. Having a one night stand was looking like a real opportunity, and he was ready for the challenge.

A​pproaching the bar he motioned to the bartender for a drink. The bartender asked him what he was craving. Jack looked at the bottles along the backside of the bar and said ‘whiskey and sour neat’. The woman sitting next to him laughed and chimed in ‘me too’. Jack looked at the woman with a smile and said ‘great minds think alike’, they both laughed.

‘​Hi, my name is Jack, what’s yours?’

‘​My name is Sherry, nice to meet you.’

A​fter the pleasantries were exchanged they started to have some deep conversations in everything from music to politics; Jack had never found anyone he could have such deep conversations with, and was truly enjoying himself. During all their talking he knew he had truly found someone special, and what surprised him most is that a dive like this.

T​he night started to wind to an end, even though Jack didn’t want it to, so he moved close and gave a gentle kiss upon her cheek and whispered in her ear, ‘come back to my room with me’. She pulled back and smiled, ‘yes’ was all she said.

On the way back to his room thoughts raced through his head about what he wanted and what he had found…this was not a one night stand, this was what he knew was forever.

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