A Home (Flash Fiction)

A Home

T​he tree fell with a thunderous roar upon the forest floor, throwing foliage and branches in erroneous directions; this was the first of many trees Jeff was going to tumble to build his first log cabin. He had lived in one as a child, but to build it with his own hands was going to be momentous challenge.

T​he floor plans he received from the architecture firm were filled with dimensions, symbols and notes he first didn’t understand, but with some perseverance and hours of studying at a local community college he now understood the meaning of what seemed like a foreign language before.

‘​Yes!, one down and a lot more to go’, Jack proudly said to himself.

J​ack climbed in the cab of the log hauler, hooked the chain securely around the tree and began to pull it to the collection pile he had designated for the debarking and cutting process. Cutting down trees was the easy part, but preparing the logs to be turned into the walls for his new abode was going to be the true test of his abilities. Climbing down from the cab of the hauler to release the log from the chain Jack noticed a twist had formed in the links, this concerned him because it would cause more tension in the chain and possibly snap back. The Best course of action in a circumstance like this is to relieve some tension on the chain, so he climbed back up into the cab and backed up, he could hear the chain relax and see the twists loosen. He smiled, Jumped of the hauler and removed the chain from the log. Standing back, putting his hands on his hip, nodding and smiling he viewed this his first successful log haul; he was on his way to not building a house but his family’s new home.

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