Movie Idea (Flash Fiction)

I’m truly enjoying just writing some flash fiction and short pieces. I am using this an exercise for writing and will get back to some poetry and photos soon. Movie Idea ​he wind was blowing with a ferociousness never heard before. The trees whipped back and forth creating, what looked like havoc in the sky.Continue reading “Movie Idea (Flash Fiction)”

The Fishing Ends (Flash Fiction)

I’m writing from the top of my head right now and just letting words flow with ideas. I’m finding this a refreshing way to write. The men stood on the deck of the ship watching the waves crash against the hull with thunderous sounds they knew tonight was going to bring little to no sleep.Continue reading “The Fishing Ends (Flash Fiction)”

Strangled Mind (Painting and Poem)

This is a digital painting I did a while ago showing how I was feeling and how I feel my mind works sometimes. Strangled Mind Mind feeling tangled with no direction Lines go wherever they wish Crackling appears with in the lines Focus it seems undefined Trying to track the thoughts inside Taking mind onContinue reading “Strangled Mind (Painting and Poem)”