Movie Idea (Flash Fiction)

I’m truly enjoying just writing some flash fiction and short pieces. I am using this an exercise for writing and will get back to some poetry and photos soon.

Movie Idea

​he wind was blowing with a ferociousness never heard before. The trees whipped back and forth creating, what looked like havoc in the sky. The moon a bright beacon beyond the silhouetted branches; this was scary, and Jim knew it would make for a great shot in his upcoming home movie.

H​e was an amateur film director in 9th grade with a passion for horror movies. Being lucky enough to have some friends in the local theater made it easy to get actors for his premier, but what was he going to name the move? Was it going to be about vampires, werewolves or Frankenstein, no it had to be more gruesome than any old school horror; it had to be gruesome and grotesque. He always had a fascination with Rob Zombie films, the cult films fascinated him, he wanted to create a cinematic extravaganza that no one would forget.

Taking the camera and framing the tree in the lens he knew what he wanted; the scene would be, a man hanging from a branch with a noose; his entrails hanging down with a pool of blood below. The key to the scene would be how the man was hoisted to such a height; did the person use a ladder, a lift or was the killer a giant. Jim laughed to himself, a giant would make for an interesting killer and be spin on a story like Jack and the Beanstalk. 

The Fishing Ends (Flash Fiction)

I’m writing from the top of my head right now and just letting words flow with ideas. I’m finding this a refreshing way to write.

The men stood on the deck of the ship watching the waves crash against the hull with thunderous sounds they knew tonight was going to bring little to no sleep. As the men slipped into their bunks they could hear the wind howl and thunder booming, they knew that sleep would have to come as the next day was going to be the busy emptying the cages full of king crab.

D​reams of money filled the men’s heads as they slept, but along with the money would be sore muscles and bumps and bruises; and falls and sprained ankles. 

A​s the fisherman woke in the morning they were welcomed by the cold brisk air of the bearing straight. Ice lined the hulls, and they knew that there would certainly be chipping involved to start the day, this was not going to be fun, but hopefully worth the work.

A​s the men began to chip the ice away, johnny the smallest of the bunch fell crying out in pain. He found the patches of ice on the deck, the rubber boots never provided much traction, but they did keep their feet dry. They carried him below deck and propped his foot up on one of the cushions and had to decide what to do next. Did they want to take him back to port or put ice on the ankle and hope for the best? The choice was simple, they needed to get him back to port, the fishing was going to have to wait.

T​he captain lumbered up the stairs to get them steamed back to port, this was money out of his and the men’s pockets. He knew heading back was the best, but still hated to make the trip because gas wasn’t free, and they would need to fuel up again before heading back out.

Navigating into the port the wind picked up and tossed the ship back and forth causing the captain to over-correct the ship and head directly for the dock. The first mate screamed at the captain; fear showing in his eyes, but there was nowhere to go as the boat crashed hard into the dock with a thunderous crash.

The trip was over and so was the opportunity to make money this year for the captain and the men.

First Kill (Flash Fiction)

This is much more morbid than anything I have ever written but it is the basis for a book I’m currently planning to work on.

A​s Mike sat a looked down a smile came across his face, he couldn’t help but be proud of himself, his first, and he was going to take in this moment as long as he dared to. He had been as meticulous he could be but the screams, oh how they were music to his ears. 

H​e knew her habits, he had watched her every day for the last week and when would be the best time to strike. She always walked down the same alley with plenty of places to hide to catch her off guard. Tonight was going to be different for her walk though, he had broken one of the lights near a small door way to the back door of one of the shops. She walked by without a care in the world, and even been whistling ‘It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’ to herself. He found this ironic since it wasn’t going to be a beautiful day for her, but as he smiled to himself, going to be a glorious day in the neighborhood for him.

H​e relived the whole moment in his mind. How she screamed when he first grabbed her, how he could feel her pulse raging through his entire body and how he could hear her breath escape from her lungs as he plunged the knife into her jugular. He had studied anatomy and knew that this was the perfect place to kill. She struggled for a bit before her body went limp and fell to the ground.

He hadn’t thought of the mess, but who cares if the blood spills onto the ground, let the sewer take that away for him. He did enjoy seeing it pooled up around her body as she laid there motionless. This new killer was excited that he hadn’t gotten any blood on himself, nothing on him to trace back to her. Mike smiled and looked down at his full body suit, he would burn this in a barrel at home and nothing would be here to incriminate him.

A​ll these fool mistakes before him had made, wanting a trophy…all would be destroyed.

Admiring his work he packed up the full body suit in a bag along with the knife and began to whistle ‘It’s a beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’. 

New Things to Do

Well today I decided to invest in myself and have signed up for an online site to help with free lance writing. I hope this helps me to learn how to write better and maybe even make a little money along the way.

Sometimes it has to be about you and that is something I have learned.

Strangled Mind (Painting and Poem)

This is a digital painting I did a while ago showing how I was feeling and how I feel my mind works sometimes.

Strangled Mind

Strangled Mind

Mind feeling tangled with no direction

Lines go wherever they wish

Crackling appears with in the lines

Focus it seems undefined

Trying to track the thoughts inside

Taking mind on a crazy ride

Strangled thoughts within the mind

These thoughts struggling to find

© Chris Chonos

Sunday Thoughts (My ADHD)

If you haven’t been able to tell my blog posts have become much more personal and dealing with my own personal life. I’m opening up and talking about my anxiety, depression and ADHD. This is a scary part of my life and at 50 years old facing the difficulties I’ve had throughout most of my life is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do.

Here I’m discussing my most recent issue ADHD.

I have done some research on ADHD as an adult and found that I have at least 5 of the symptoms of inattention in adults.

– Makes careless mistakes/lacks attention to detail

-Lacks sustained attention in tasks or play activities

– Has difficulty listening

– Fails to follow through on task and instructions

– Gets lost in details

– Has difficulty with organization, punctuality and planning

– Has temporary hyperfocus for highly important tasks but loses focus on mundane tasks of daily living (eg, returning phone calls, paying bills, keeping appointments)

– Loses the things necessary for task or activities (eg, wallet, cellphone, important paperwork).

Reference is :

I have at least 5 of theses symptoms that have persisted for at least 6 months and negatively impact social and academic/occupations functioning, this is what is required to be diagnosed.

I have dealt with these my entire life and am just now starting to understand why I struggled so much throughout school and most recently my current job.

I’m currently in therapy to work some of my issues…ADHD is on the list and currently a big part of my life I need to get in control. Help is out there and I’m seeking it, I encourage anyone else no matter where you are in your life I encourage you to ask for help…I’m doing it at almost 50 years old and know I will better for it.

A Walk in the Rain

Though it may be raining outside

Inside I do not want to hide

The rain it seems gentle and light

The sensation against my skin so right

© Chris Chonos

I decided to take a walk outside even with the rain it seemed like a nice day to get out and just take a few photos to journal my short day out in the rain.

I decided to do a selfie which I don’t do very often…it just seemed like the thing to do.

Just Me

This is a path to the park that is near our house…I have always thought it looked photogenic…I find paths to be interesting…even though I know where this one goes many in life don’t always seem so clear.

Trail to a near by park

I always think it is interesting the streets that shoot off from the Main Street. I always think about the homes and the people that live there. The streets are their own little communities within the larger cities and towns.

A street I passed by

I had never really lived in a large town or city so sidewalks are kind of still a wonder to me…they are my urban hiking path now.

My urban trail

I see these penguins all the time and they get decorated for the different seasons. I guess there is someone that lives there that likes penguins as much as I do.

The neighbors penguins

My little journey down the street was very much needed and getting out is a way to escape the work at home life and just appreciate all a neighborhood has to offer.

Thoughts and Happenings

I have been having dizzy spells lately mostly while lying in bed since this last Saturday but today was super scary. I felt like I was tumbling out of control and I know my hands were flailing around, this happened twice. This along with the other issues I’m going through are certainly not helping my mental state…it just feels as though everything is really hitting at once.


Flailing and falling within my head

Even though I just lye in bed

The world it moves all around

All this feeling with no sound

Compounding the feelings I feel inside

This crazy life provides the ride

It all seems to come as one big wall

From off it I feel I could fall

Keep a hold with all the strength I feel

With all these struggles I do deal

But still I hold on not letting go

Though life these curves life does throw

© Chris Chonos