Reflection of 2021

I had previously written a post as a reflection of the last year and just deleted it…lol. Hey sue me, it was just a first draft and didn’t really reflect how this past year of writing has truly effected me.

I use to think writing was work, but have found that is mostly a labor of love. It has given me the true gift of expressing my feelings and sharing a little piece of me with the world; and for that I am truly thankful. I have written everything from poetry, flash fiction and a little racier works; and have truly enjoyed every minute of the experience. I was even sharing some of my other passions like music and photography; and sometimes combining them all together, I feel like a true artist now…well at least a little…lol.

I have also had the opportunity to read some great poems and stories from some really great writers out there as well; and let’s not forget the photography…amazing photographers out there that you can tell have a true passion for their art.

So as the year comes to a close I look at the past it has been a great ride and look forward to the year to come with more experiences and great works to read from all of you wonderful people out there, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read and follow my writing journey.

So with that a great big ‘Happy New Year’ to all you WordPress people out there and have a great time celebrating a year gone by.

Chris Chonos

Your Beauty

A poem for my beautiful wife…I love you babe.

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Your Beauty

Radiant beams of sunlight flow

With all the beauty you show

Eyes that light up the darkest days

Brighter than the suns warm rays

Your gentleness keeps me warm inside

These feelings for you I can not hide

Give me strength when I have none

Even after the hardest day is done

And as we get old and gray

Your beauty my love will always stay

© Chris Chonos

In Public (Erotic and explicit)

In Public

You tell me to take you right here

The thrill you say is the fear

Of being caught in a public place

With our hearts begin to race

I pull you close and turn you around

You let out a sexy moaning sound

Up against the wall I admire you still

Oh and your pussy I can’t wait to fill

I lift up your skirt and pull panties aside

Oh this tasty dish do they hide

I get to my knees and go down

You are so wet I feel I could drown

You shake and you moan as I suck and lick

You tell me, give me your dick

I stand and I slide it along your lips

Only the head do I dip

To tease you and make this moment last

But you beg please go hard and fast

Slapping our skin our ecstasy does rise

With our passionate cries

We both start to cum with such force we collapse

No idea how much time did allapse

Gather ourselves with a passionate kiss

The public display of wonderful bliss

© Chris Chonos

Sighs Escape

Sighs Escape

The heat it rises as we share this dance

Dance in love joined as one

One body and soul entangled are we

We move in unison as body they sway

Sway to invisible music we make

Make music with our bodies as sighs escape

© Chris Chonos

Lost Memories

Lost Memories

My memories they do fade

A much darker shade

Lost in the annals of time they go

For the curtain falls a fading show

Reach with all my might

To bring them back to sight

No matter how I pull at the curtain rope

I know they are lost with no hope

© Chris Chonos

Be Still (Erotic Poem)

Be Still

The darkness does settle upon me now

With light touches upon skin I do awake

Feel my body begin to quake

Touches so soft fingernails they trace

My heart does quicken its pace

Butterflies flutter and begin to build

With all my fantasies to be fulfilled

I try to touch you and reciprocate this thrill

Whisper to me ‘you are mine, be still‘

© Chris Chonos

Silky Surprise

Silky Surprise

The silkiness across my skin you trace

My heart it does begin to race

Your gentle touch does produce a moan

My appreciation it is shown

With the softest caress please don’t stop

As you go from bottom to top

Excitement does build as hips rise

With your silky soft surprise

Take a hold with motions fast

I don’t know how long I will last

A sexy smile does cross your face

As you start to quicken the pace

Moaning louder I start to thrust

With eager and wanting lust

Soon I reach the climatic end

In the clouds my head you send

© Chris Chonos

Begin the Day

Begin the Day

Starting the day in the usual way

Pretty quite with nothing to say

A tumblr of coffee in my hand

This java it does help me stand

Sit at the desk computer runs up

And another drink I take from my cup

Check out the emails of important stuff

Read it all and give a huff

Nothing important nothing so new

Nothing I really want to do

But still I take in all in

This is how my day does begin

© Chris Chonos