In Public (Erotic and explicit)

In Public

You tell me to take you right here

The thrill you say is the fear

Of being caught in a public place

With our hearts begin to race

I pull you close and turn you around

You let out a sexy moaning sound

Up against the wall I admire you still

Oh and your pussy I can’t wait to fill

I lift up your skirt and pull panties aside

Oh this tasty dish do they hide

I get to my knees and go down

You are so wet I feel I could drown

You shake and you moan as I suck and lick

You tell me, give me your dick

I stand and I slide it along your lips

Only the head do I dip

To tease you and make this moment last

But you beg please go hard and fast

Slapping our skin our ecstasy does rise

With our passionate cries

We both start to cum with such force we collapse

No idea how much time did allapse

Gather ourselves with a passionate kiss

The public display of wonderful bliss

© Chris Chonos

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