Having a Goals

I know they say goals are important and they are, but I have never really set a goal for myself in my writing life. Well, this year is different and I’m excited for the challenge.

I am setting a goal to participate in writing prompt blogs and also submitting my work to be judged. I want to participate in blog prompts on a weekly basis and actually use the tag back feature. I have never done this before and just shared my work on my own blog so something very new to me…I’m looking forward to the challenge; and submitting my work to be judged is definitely scary but I know it will help to make me a better writer as well.

Another goal along with my writing is following through with my photography and submitting my work to photo competitions. I have talked about it for years and have just never done it; and I don’t know why, but it is happening this year.

With all these goals and challenges I’ve set for myself this year I should have plenty to write about here and share.

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